What You May Not Know about BTS Members’ Characteristics

If you’re still new to the BTS fandom, ARMY, you may want to continue reading to know more about the traits and characteristics of each of the members. Some of these traits may come as a surprise to you as they have been utterly transparent about their emotions and thoughts.

However, there are still some things that not all fans know about.

It’s not only their ‘live’ angelic voices, while dancing to impeccable choreography, nor their stunning visuals,  and inspiring messages that ARMY love about the incredible septet, but ARMY also admire their great personalities.  Know why BTS is different from other boy bands.

Each member has good traits that contribute to the group’s dynamism and uniqueness. It’s like all of their individual characteristics blended together to form one highly functional, exemplary group. Each member is a crucial part of the team.

But what are the characteristics that ARMYs observe about each member? Here are some insights into their personalities.

Kim, Namjoon (RM) – BTS’ Leader


Kim Namjoon (RM) of BTS

RM is Kim Nam-joon. He is 25 years old, having been born on September 12, 1994 in South Korea.

He’s the leader of BTS, and is also one of the rappers of the group. He participates in the songwriting process, and in composing songs for their BTS albums. He writes and produces all of his solo songs, as well.

He is the philosopher of the group. He’s fluent in English and acts as the interpreter during interviews. His words of wisdom are gems that anyone can treasure forever. To learn more about his thoughts, you can read them here, RM’s Words of Wisdom.

He is also tagged the “God of Destruction” because of how he usually break things he holds in his hands. This somewhat negative trait is, however, overshadowed, by the numerous positive traits that he has.

RM’s IQ is 148, which is considered as the IQ of a genius or a gifted and highly advance individual. There are only 0.1% of people in the world with that genius IQ. If you cannot imagine just how intelligent he is, try learning to speak fluent English just by watching the U.S. TV sitcom “Friends”. Yes, this is where RM learned how to speak fluent English. Well, you and I could do likewise, perhaps, but – admit it – most of us would take a longer time to learn.

He’s a sweet person, caring deeply for his BTS members, sincere in his good actions, and truly concerned about the BTS fandom – ARMY.

He’s a nature lover and enjoys visiting museums, biking, and just passing the time away amidst nature’s wonders.

He also is a collector of figurines and miniature items (bonsai trees), and other unique products, such as ‘terrifying’ dolls (KAWS dolls).

He trained the longest among the Bangtan Boys, and is now one of South Korea’s registered producers.

His favorite colors are pink, purple and blue, and his favorite numbers are 1 and 3. Take note, that these data could have changed through the years.

He appreciates Korean paintings and art and was reported to have visited several Korean Arts Exhibitions. He’s not merely into his homeland’s culture and arts but is also interested in foreign culture, as proven by his visits to museums and art exhibits all around the world.

RM’s visit to the Portuny Museum, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art, Busan Museum of Art, and Ho-am Art Museum, are just some of them.

He’s a voracious reader with a wide array of interests, from Socrates, to Carl Jung, to the literary references in BTS’ discography. Most of the time, you can see him, buried in a book between breaks, on a plane, or in his studio. Perhaps, that’s why he’s mature beyond his age and talk about things around him, like a sage would.

According to Jeong Jong-hyo, from the Busan Museum of Art; through Yonhap News:

“It’s not a coincidence that BTS’ lyrics and songs have such depth.”

And who would ever forget RM’s inspiring and riveting speech at the United Nations General Assembly? It was a momentous event that showed the world that they’re not merely pop sensations but generous spirits, willing to help and heal people through their music.

He’s an outstanding BTS leader, ensuring that all members are doing fine and are unified and working as a team.

At one time when there was disagreement between V and Jin, he stated before a performance:

Let’s do this. This is not about V or Jin; this is about BTS as a team.

In spite of all BTS’ successes, RM and his team remain humble:

BTS’ RM Statement at the 2018 MAMA Hong Kong Shows Humility of Legends

Read more about the other BTS members on the next chapter.

To be continued…

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