Read Some of the Most Interesting Tweets during BTS’ Namjoon’s (RM) Birthday

Three days have passed since BTS’ Namjoon’s (RM) birthday, but the aftereffects are still being felt by ARMY and non-ARMY all over the world.

ARMY almost broke Twitter, but the bird app was apparently ready, as Jungkook’s birthday tweets the previous week had brought the website down.

The hashtag #HappyBirthdayNamjoon trended at #1 on twitter, together with more than a dozen related hashtags, majority of them occupying the top 20 tweets for the day.

To give you some idea of these interesting tweets during Namjoon’s birthday, here are some of them straight from Twitter. I don’t own them. I give credit to the Twitterpeeps, who have composed them.

Read and enjoy, laugh or smile at these ingenuity of ARMY all over the world.

Here goes:

Last but not the least, my simple poem video about RM (Kim Namjoon);s birthday:

There you go, I hope you have enjoyed these tweets, there are millions more on Twitter. I hope I could post them all but this space just isn’t enough.

To all ARMY out there, purple hearts for you. Borahae!

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