BTS RM’s Statement at the 2018 MAMA Hong Kong Shows Humility of Legends

Nowadays, no one can deny the incredible popularity of BTS all around the world. In a nutshell, they have the whole world at their feet. In addition, BTS command a powerful, loyal and trustworthy ARMY as well, who are ready to mobilize at a moment’s notice.

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However, this power and love for the Bangtan Boys have made them even humbler. They always attribute their successes to one entity – the ARMYs. And they never owned all the tremendous successes that they are enjoying at the moment. (These are some of the dozens of awards they won this year) Image credit:Twitter account of BTS US ARMY x 50 States.

Perhaps, they have forgotten the fact that if they were not as talented, humble and good human beings as they are, ARMYs won’t stan them.

This humility was demonstrated every time through their actions and words. It was emphasized when BTS received the Artist of the Year Award at the 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong. This is what RM, the leader of BTS, stated:

“To the ARMYs around the world who are watching this, I would like to attribute this great honor to you. Even though we are able to win “Album of the Year Award”, this award is not only for the artists who are sitting here, but also for the many artists who work hard on their albums this moment. I don’t think the reason we won this award is because we’re better than them or do better music. So, we want to return this glory to them as well. “

RM’s statement showed that success and fame didn’t go to his head. He humbly acknowledges the talent all the music artists who are working hard for their own music. Such and endearing trait will bring him and BTS even to greater heights they would have never dreamed of. ARMYs stand humble, genuine, and talented artists – and in that category, only BTS members qualify – as far as the ARMYs are concerned.

RM also look back to where BTS came from.

“There is someone I really have to mention today. I believe it’s the first time I’m talking about him specifically – our CEO and producer, Bang Si hyuk, Hitman Bang. When we were nobodies, when we were trainees, when we had nothing, he supported us with practice rooms, studios, to a dorm, materially and emotionally, and believed in our potential. Even in 2014, when we didn’t have much to offer, he said to us:

‘Even before yo guys debuted, I knew you could be Daesang material. You can be a great group. I believe in you.’

That’s what he said. Back them when we left his office, we actually laughed a lot. We thought he must be going through a tough time. The people around him even tried to stop him, thinking this is going to be the end of his career. So, I really want to return this honor today to our producer, Bang Sihyuk, who always believed in us and loved us – even when we were nobodies. We really love you and respect you, and let’s continue to walk together.”

A declaration of a true legend who will grace our lives forever.

Special mention and thanks to eridescent for the translation. To listen to the rest of the BTS’ members acceptance speech, watch the video below.

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