Christmas Party Prayer


Let’s bow our heads and open our hearts to our Heavenly Father. (Pause for a few seconds) Dear God, we gather before you for this momentous event – the celebration of your birthday. May all of us here today realize the most important thing today is your birthday. Gifts are great but they are expendable. … Read moreChristmas Party Prayer



At the onset, we thought we had “No More Dream” to be. We wandered in the desert, hoping it would become the sea. We shed our “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”, but we kept on going trusting “Serendipity”. Deep within our “DNA”, we have to conquer our enmity. We pray that you would keep BTS and … Read moreA BTS ARMY Prayer

Opening Prayer for Family Day Celebration


Heavenly Father, we are gathered here today to celebrate the joy of being with our families. We thank you for blessing us with happiness, health and love. We thank you for making this event possible through your generosity and benevolence. May we share love, become united and be a blessing as well to other families. … Read moreOpening Prayer for Family Day Celebration

Prayer before Class


Lord, we offer to you our class today. We pray that through your Divine Guidance, we would learn how to listen attentively to the inputs of our teacher. May we appreciate his/her effort in imparting his/her knowledge to us. May we participate actively in the discussions and activities, so we could learn more while having … Read morePrayer before Class

Sample Closing Prayer for Seminars


May we inculcate in our minds the lessons learned today, and Apply them with the guidance of your love. May we realize that everything happened because of your all-abounding love. We thank the people who made this seminar a success; Our reliable resource speakers, the diligent organizers of this activity, the generous administration, and all … Read moreSample Closing Prayer for Seminars

An Opening Prayer for a Christmas Party

We thank you Lord, for allowing us to come together for this Christmas Party. We acknowledge your blessings and your all-abounding love. Grant that as we enjoy this occasion, we can also share your words of love through our actions. Bless the hands that have prepared this food. May they prepare more healthy and nourishing … Read moreAn Opening Prayer for a Christmas Party

Opening Prayer for a Christmas Party

Let’s bow our heads and ask for God’s blessings. Lord, it’s Christmas time once again, and we’re gathered here in your name. May you bless this event so that love and camaraderie can prosper. May you allow each participant to experience the generosity of your love. May we realize that the true meaning of Christmas … Read moreOpening Prayer for a Christmas Party

A Christmas Prayer

It’s Christmas once again, and we want to thank you Lord for you generous love and for all the blessings you have given us. In gratitude, we kneel before you with joyful hearts. We know that even if we don’t ask for it, you’ll provide us what we need. But, may we pray that you … Read moreA Christmas Prayer