Closing Prayer for Online Meetings

Dear God, we have successfully finished our meeting with your guidance and enlightenment. Thank you for being in our midst and giving direction for what we should accomplish. Thank you for motivating those present in this meeting to fully cooperate with the agenda. Bless the hardworking staff, who have organized this event. Bless the participants … Read more Closing Prayer for Online Meetings

Prayer for All Occasions during COVID-19 Pandemic


Heavenly Father, we’re all gathered here today for an important occasion, the (state the name of the event). With grateful hearts we thank you for this opportunity to be together, although the pandemic has restrictions. Whether we are only two or three, you said we can gather in your name. Hence, we are here before … Read more Prayer for All Occasions during COVID-19 Pandemic

Prayer for COVID-19 Recovery


Gracious Lord and Father, we thank you for all the blessing you have given us thus far. Now, we plead for your mercy and healing for our COVID-19 patients. Please heal them of this dreaded disease, and help them recover quickly. We know that you are the Ultimate Healer, and you can heal us of … Read more Prayer for COVID-19 Recovery

Prayer for COVID-19 Protection


Heavenly Father, with bent knees we plead for your gracious help. COVID-19 has gripped the world in fear and anxiety. We know that YOU are the Ultimate Healer. We beseech you to provide Divine Wisdom to our world leaders and the health personnel, So, they would know how to control the COVID-19 pandemic and discover … Read more Prayer for COVID-19 Protection

Opening Prayer for Online Meetings


Let’s bow our heads and ask for God’s blessings. Dear God, as we pray in our own little spaces today, In this online prayer, allow us to thank you for this new day you have given us. Thank you for letting us survive another day amidst these trying times and be able to attend this … Read more Opening Prayer for Online Meetings

Opening Prayer for Virtual Meetings


Heavenly Father, although we are meeting virtually, we know that you are here in our midst. We don’t have the benefits of face to face interactions, but with Your Grace, we are certain, this online meeting would be a success and we can accomplish all our planned goals, as well. We thank you for allowing … Read more Opening Prayer for Virtual Meetings

Prayer for Exam Success


Dear Lord, I’m about to take this crucial exam in my life. Thank you for all the times you have been there for me in my past exams. Thank you for enlightening me and letting me come this far in my goals. My success in this exam can help me move forward and pursue my … Read more Prayer for Exam Success

Opening Prayer before Meeting


Lord, we are gathered here today for a meeting. We thank you for allowing us to be here together in your name. We beseech you to bless us, so we can successfully conclude this meeting’s agenda. May you provide us your Divine Wisdom, so we can formulate plans, solve problems, and interact with each other … Read more Opening Prayer before Meeting

Prayers for Studying Success


We know in our hearts that our success in studying has to be blessed by you, Lord for it to become a success. That is why, we come to you to fervently to ask for your blessings. We know that our efforts alone could not make us succeed. It is only with your Divine Power … Read more Prayers for Studying Success

Closing Prayer for Classes Online


We thank you Lord, for allowing us to end this class successfully. We thank you to our mentor who have shared his/her knowledge with us. We thank you for letting us share and interact meaningfully with each other online. We may not be together physically but through your blessing, we were able to learn and … Read more Closing Prayer for Classes Online

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