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New Year’s Prayer

Dear Lord, we thank you for another successful year that has passed. Without your Divine Guidance, we would not have made it.

We beseech you to forgive whatever transgressions we have committed, and we promise to make it better this year.

We pray that this year, you would grant us once again your Divine Spirit, so we can listen to your voice and obey your command.

May you make us realize that our lives here on Earth are only temporary, so we have to make the most out of it.

May we learn that the key to happiness and peace is to follow your commandments.

May we spread the good news of your love and salvation to other people through our good deeds.

May other people feel your omniscient presence through our generosity and love towards them.

We pray that people around the world will find solace and tranquility in your words.

We pray for our families and friends that peace and love will always reign in their hearts.


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