Prayer for All Occasions during COVID-19 Pandemic

Heavenly Father, we’re all gathered here today for an important occasion, the (state the name of the event).

With grateful hearts we thank you for this opportunity to be together, although the pandemic has restrictions.

Whether we are only two or three, you said we can gather in your name.

Hence, we are here before you to perform we are tasked to do today.

Bestow upon us your generous blessings, so that we can attain our objectives and succeed in our goals.

Make us aware that the primary priority of our plans is to spread your love among our fellowmen.

Allow us to be harbingers of your peace and kindness.

May we eschew all our selfish desires for the good of the majority, especially in these trying times.

Let us see the Christ in every person we meet and treat them with respect and love.

May you nourish us with your all-abounding love, so we can take good care of our sick with a kind heart.

May you allow our sick to be healed with loving family and friends by their side.

May those who passed away, stand in your Divine Presence and be with you in paradise.

Lastly, we pray that this COVID pandemic will come to an end.

This can only happen if you so wish.

We ask all these in your Mighty Name,


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