Prayer for the Sick

We come to you on bent knees, oh Lord, to pray for the sick.

May you give them the physical and spiritual strength to endure the pain and illness.

May you bestow upon them the patience of Job and your all-encompassing love
That they can look at their sickness not with adversity but with love.

Grant that all sick people in this world will know that sickness can make people stronger,
More loving and can lead to spiritual cleansing.

May you grant peace and love to all our sick people all over the world who may not live to see another day.

May they be enlightened with the thought that, after their death, they have at last the chance to be at peace to meet you in your heavenly abode.

We pray that for those you have blessed with a second life that they could realize the gift you have given them
And use their time usefully spreading your good works and wisdom.

Grant that they will be living witnesses of your all-abounding love and generosity.

All these we pray, amen.

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