5 Reasons Why the BTS ARMY Keeps Growing

There’s a fandom (ARMY) quote that goes this way: “Once you Jim-in, you can’t Jim-out”. ARMYs are saying that once you enter that BTS rabbit hole, you wouldn’t want to come out of it anymore.

Jimin Park is one of the BTS members, alongside RM (Leader), Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook.

Why are ARMYs growing in numbers instead of decreasing? Here are 5 reasons why BTS ARMY keeps growing.

5 Reasons Why BTS ARMY Keeps Growing

1. BTS Is Everything You Need in Life

Yes, BTS can transcend all aspects of your life, if you let them. You can live happily by following BTS. The members have everything to offer contained in One Beautiful Package.

You need music? BTS provides unique, incredible music in all genre that you could immerse yourself into.

You need to dance? BTS can provide intricate and good dance moves you can rock and roll to – all night long.

You want to laugh? BTS are dorks, one of the best comedians out there, who can let you laugh (with a straight face) at their smallest unintentional comedic episodes.

You need some profound life lessons? BTS are awesome motivators without meaning to. BTS leader RM is tagged as the philosopher that raps, because of his wisdom at his young age.

BTS song lyrics also send inspiring messages to their listeners, as well. All you have to do is to search for the English translation of their Korean Lyrics. Translation is done by benevolent ARMYs for free. That’s how dedicated the fandom members are.

For recent BTS’ YouTube MVs, you can simply turn on the CC for the language translation you prefer.

You need to continue living? Listen and watch BTS discography.

2. BTS Keeps Evolving

BTS continues to grow and evolve. The members are all involved in various music genres, and doing new things. Because of this, you would want to know more about what they would do next.

You can expect the unexpected from these 7 talented young men. They continue to grow slowly but surely, taking each step cautiously but firmly.

They are not overnight sensations as some people would like to assume. They have carved their way painstakingly, through their blood, sweat, and tears, towards the pinnacle of success.

They kept going despite all criticisms and hatred from some envious K-pop fandoms and disrespectful artists. They have proved that critics can never put them down because they are good people.

3. More Exposure of BTS Music

As they keep topping the music charts in many countries, the septet, their music, and what they stand for, are given maximum exposure. More people get to know them better and their incredible discography.

Once people delve deeper into their music, personalities and lyrics, they can’t help but become ARMYs as the lyrics of their songs resonate with different types of fans. There’s always a song for every experience a person is going through.

ARMYs are also actively encouraging their non-ARMY friends to listen to BTS through word-of-mouth and the Internet. These allow the positive messages of BTS to reach far and wide in the global arena, comforting people and helping them love themselves.

As long as you have an Internet, you will be able to read, watch, and listen to BTS songs. Most ARMYs say that BTS came into their lives at the right moment when they needed them most.

It’s not only the music but everything about them tend to positively influence people from all walks of life, regardless of race, age, and gender.

4. ARMYs Reflect the Positive Messages of BTS

ARMYs are engaging in positive actions, reflecting the mission and vision of BTS, which is music for healing.

When BTS donated $1 million to Black Lives Matter, the band motivated its ARMY from all over the globe to donate as well. ARMY matched the donation of BTS within 24 hours, raising more than $2 million in 24 hours.

The “One in an ARMY” group within the fandom manages the worldwide charitable projects related to BTS.

However, ARMYs usually organized their own projects and contribute to various foundations all over the world, and sometimes, in their own country.

The project stated below is one example:

Each BTS member also contributes regularly to organizations they deem worthy of help. They have partnered with UNICEF for their worldwide Love Yourself campaign to help prevent violence, especially against children.

There are numerous donations that the legendary boys made that are not listed here. Sometimes, the members donate without publicizing.

To know more about these donations, you can refer to
Often, people would realize that the boys are not just handsome, famous faces, who can dance and sing well, but they are active in making the world a better place to live in. Once they realize these awesome facts, many people become ARMY.

5. ARMYs Are Warm, Friendly, and Welcoming

BTS’ fandom, ARMY are diverse, and contrary to the “screaming teenage girls” notion of some people about ARMYs, majority of the fandom are ages 20+, who are professional adults: doctors, nurses, engineers, computer specialists, teachers, sales persons, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and all types of profession.

This fact explains why ARMY is a consumer fandom. They can buy products because they earn their own money.

When you encounter someone claiming to be an ARMY, but tends to be rude and disrespectful, she/he may be a solo stan, or an anti, masquerading as an ARMY.

Genuine ARMYs are never rude as they are conscious that anything they do would reflect on the legendary boys’ image.

In every organization, there may be a few rotten eggs, but these are usually promptly reported and blocked by the majority of good ARMYs.

There are times, though, that genuine ARMYs come to the rescue of the boys when they are blatantly disrespected in major TV or radio shows.

ARMYs don’t want the septet to experience racism and xenophobia, like they did in their early days in the music industry. Up to this day, they are still undergoing such unpleasant experience every now and then – even in the West. But ARMY are ready to protect them.

Countless people became ARMY because of how welcoming the fandom is. You have to follow the right accounts though, as there are antis, pretending to be ARMYs to create strife and misunderstandings.

So, what are you waiting for? You’re lucky to be existing in the same era that the BTS members live in.
Take advantage of this golden opportunity and live your life to the fullest with BTS’ positive messages and global influence.

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