Top 10 Most Liked BTS’ YouTube Official Music Videos

The Top 10 Most Liked BTS’ YouTube Official Music Videos from their debut up to August 20, 2021 are the following. This list does not include other BTS videos, such as solo songs, Run BTS, BTS in the SOOP, and Bon Voyage episodes.

It may not be a reflection of the overall “likes” by viewers as other BTS music videos have been posted years before the new ones, but this list will give you an idea of how the BTS fandom, ARMY, has grown rapidly throughout the years.

1. Dynamite

– 30 million likes (premiered August 21, 2020)

2. Boy with Luv

– 23 million likes (feat. Halsey; premiered April 12, 2019)

3. DNA

– 20 million likes (premiered September 18, 2017)

4. Butter

– 19 million likes (premiered May 21, 2021)

5. Fake Love

– 17 million likes (premiered May 18, 2018)


– 17 million likes (premiered August 24, 2018)

6. Mic Drop Steve Aoki Remix

– 16 million likes (premiered November 24, 2017)

7. Permission to Dance

– 13 million likes (premiered July 9, 2021)

8. On Kinetic Manifesto Film

– 12 million likes (premiered February 21, 2020)

9. On

– 11 million likes (premiered February 27, 2020)

Blood Sweat & Tears

– 11 million likes (premiered October 9, 2016)

10. Stay Gold

– 10 million likes (premiered June 26, 2020)

Black Swan

– 10 million likes (premiered March 4, 2020)

If you noticed, the latest songs are already in BTS’ Top 10 YouTube videos. This fact proves that ARMY has significantly grown in number.

Also, the songs are still streamed every day; hence, the number of views is expected to increase even more. BTS has conquered the music industry all around the world.

The fact that Butter has remained for several weeks on #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100, and Permission to Dance peaked at number 1 too, is enough proof of the legendary boys’ popularity and reach.

If I have missed any video, feel free to leave a comment, so I can add it. Thank you.

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