What’s Next for Jessica Sanchez?

What’s next for Jessica Sanchez? Now that she had released her album, “Me, You and the Music“; did her first solo concert in the Philippines, and had appeared in “Glee’s” season finale as Frida Romero, the American Idol runner-up has started the year with a blast; as she had previously stated that this year is her year.

What could be next is for her to win a Grammy and star in a full-length movie. With her personality and incredible talent, she could achieve both dreams easily.

Perhaps, the plot of the story could be similar to her true story; local girl started dreaming of becoming a star, and continued believing in her dream, until she was able to fulfill it. Some fans wish that she does not take haste in singing “sexy” songs, wearing “revealing” clothing and playing daring roles because she is still 17. She could just enjoy her youth, and when she gets older, she can assume more mature and sexy roles. Jessica Sanchez’s amazing voice is enough to attract people. She does not have to do anything more, but sing.

Jessica Sanchez twitter
Jessica Sanchez, Image credit: Jessica Sanchez’s Official Twitter

She could also appear in a regular TV series where she can play a role appropriate for her age, just like Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana, perhaps? Or Jessica Biel in 7th Heaven?

After guesting on “Glee”, Jessica has this to say via Twitter about the cast:

“Okay… they were pretty amazing. What a talented group of people. So grateful to work with them!”

“This was such an incredible experience. Thank you @MrRPMurphy for letting me be a part of it! #gleefinale.”

Jessica Sanchez has still a long journey ahead of her, and apparently it would be a successful, albeit challenging, endeavor for her.

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