Reactions of Viewers and Comments on Angie Miller’s Elimination from American Idol

Reactions of viewers and judges’ comments on Angie Miller’s elimination from American Idol last Thursday May 10 were mostly of shock and disbelief. This is because Angie Miller has never been in the Bottom 2 and she has been always in the Top 3 in official public votes.

Even in unofficial polls, she led the group. If they have voted for her in these polls, then they would surely spare the time to vote for her also and most specially in the official polls. So, what happened? Many do not have a clue.

Angie Miller
Angie Miller, Image credit: American Idol

Angie Miller sobbed during her final song, Colton Dixon’s “Never Gone”, apparently, incredulous of the American Idol results. She had a positive attitude though, after the initial shock.

On Twitter, fans went all out to support her expressing their belief that she is already a winner in their hearts, and that she would succeed and sell records.

Angie Miller ‏@AngieAI12

“Tonight is not the end. It’s only the beginning!!!”

Season 11’s 7th placer, Colton Dixon, was one of the first persons who expressed shock.

“Wow. I’m shocked. @AngieAI12 proud of you. Keep your head up! Just the start of your career!”

Here are some viewers’ reactions.

“Every single person I’ve come in contact with today has told me that @AngieAI12 is going to have the biggest career. Couldn’t agree more”

ANGIE IS OUR WINNER❤ ‏@smackedlouisbum

@AngieAI12 You’ve accomplished so much and we are BEYOND PROUD of you =) Thanks for being an amazing role model that no one can EVER replace.

Fans from all over the world expressed their desire to buy her records should she record songs. Many said it was only the beginning her soon-to-be successful career.

“She doesn’t have to win a competition show to prove how great she is! She’s already a winner in our hearts!”

DreamBigDreamers® ‏@_AngieDreamers_

@AngieAI12 #dreamers still can’t get over, But anyway YOU ARE OUR WINNER not just to us but GOD’S SIGHT,.(:

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