Jessica Sanchez Interviewed: Remembering Hollywood Week on American Idol 2012 (Video)

Jessica Sanchez
Image Credit: FOX channel 5

Jessica Sanchez’s American Idol 2012 journey has been like a roller-coaster ride for the 16 year-old diva from Chula Vista.

She has been almost eliminated if she has not been saved by the Idol judges. This “save” is the first in American Idol history, where the saved contestant went on to the American Idol finale.

Reportedly, when Jessica was asked about how she felt about Phillip Phillips’ victory, she was graceful in her defeat, saying:

Phillip Phillips deserves to win a hundred percent. He worked hard for it…”

Jessica added that Phillip was the most hardworking, because he went on in spite of his health condition. Jessica also admired Phillip’s originality, and his ability to convert songs into a “Phillip Phillips’ song.”

Before Jessica Sanchez went on to the Hollywood round, she was interviewed by FOX TV, and was asked what was it like auditioning before Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, and Steven Tyler.

“It was unbelievable. Like To see Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, and Steven Tyler was amazing. You know Jlo, she’s gorgeous, she’s beautiful, she can sing, and Steven Tyler is an icon, and Randy has always been a judge with American Idol, so it was insane.”

What kind of music do you want to sing?

“What I wanna be is more of the Beyonce kind of type, somebody that can sing ballads and also do that urban kind of stuff, like the Rihanna kind of pop.”

How does this experience changed you?

“It has changed me in so many ways. All the people there are amazing and they thought me so much going through the experience… It was so much fun.”

Watch the complete interview by FOX channel 5 in the YouTube video below and learn about Jessica Sanchez’s thoughts and experiences.

Jessica Sanchez, being interviewed on FOX

Video Credit: flgrimes / FOX/YouTube

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