Jessica Sanchez Updates: 2012 Carousel of Hope Ball and Glee as Finn’s Love Interest?

American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez’s updates include her performance at the 2012 Carousel of Hope Ball, and her Glee appearance as Finn’s love interest, reportedly.

The Carousel of Hope Ball was held last October 20, with actor George Clooney and singer Smokey Robinson. Jessica Sanchez tweeted her excitement:

Jessica Sanchez@JessicaESanchez

“Ahh! So excited to be performing at the Carousel Ball of Hope!! 🙂 @neildiamond @kennyedmonds @officialdfoster

The purpose of the ball was to raise money for a worthy cause, the needs of the Children’s Diabetes Foundation.

As previously announced, Jessica Sanchez is officially included in the next season of Glee. Her role was not clear though, and there were rumors that she would be paired with Finn, Lea Michele’s love interest, which is played by Cory Montheith. Lea Michele is Monchele in Glee.

Jessica Sanchez herself said, in an interview by Hollywood Life:

“It’s all a mystery to me right now, we just found out when we are going to start shooting and that is all I know.”

Whatever her role is, her fans are thrilled that their Idol is a member of the cast of one of the most popular TV drama-musical series.

Reportedly, she is also being considered for “Miss Saigon as Kim, a role played originally by noted Filipino stage actress-singer Lea Salonga, where she won a Tony for Best Actress.

Lately, Jessica Sanchez did an awesome video, “Jump In” with, a member of the famous Black Eyed Peas band.

Jessica, also, got her new car, a Ford expedition, on October 24, and she tweeted happily about it:

Jessica Sanchez@JessicaESanchez

“So excited for the new car smell when I pick up my new @Ford! Thank you #Idol

Jessica Sanchez in her new Ford, Image credit: Jessica Sanchez/Instragram

With Halloween just around the corner, like any ordinary girl, Jessica asked:

“No costume yet 🙁 What’s some good ideas for a costume?”

The 17 year-old simple girl is now part of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but she still tweets that she misses her idol family.

Welcome, Jessica Sanchez to the real hurly-burly of fame and fortune.

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