BTS ARMY Reacts to “Bang Bang Con: The Live”

BTS, the legendary septet from South Korea, held their first LIVE concert online for almost 3 hours and here are reactions from their fandom – the BTS ARMY.

ARMY were ecstatic that after a long while, at least, they were able to watch the legendary boys LIVE: Here are some reactions on Twitter. Tweets are credited to the Twitterpeeps mentioned in each tweet: Thank you.

Accordingly, BTS’ online concert: “BANG BANG CON The Live” made hsitory with this record – “The Largest Global Audience for a Paid Virtual Concert with 756,000 concurrent viewers from a total of 107 regions”.

It was noted that BTS Bang Bang Con Live have added more registered ARMY to the group’s fandom. ARMY all over the world are hoping that one day they would the boys in person again in an actual concert, and the dream goes both ways.

BTS loves ARMY, and ARMY loves BTS!

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