Celebrities Present during the BTS’ Rose Bowl Concerts that You May not Know Of

Yes, there were famous celebrities present during the BTS’ concert in Rose Bowl, LA that you may not know of.

For starters most ARMYs know that Khalid and Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers have posted short videos of them enjoying the concert and jamming with the songs of the Bangtan Boys.

Many do not know though, that Shawn Stockman of the iconic R & B boy band, Boyz II Men, was at the floor, having the time of his life, apparently unnoticed by thousands of ARMY around him.

He had glowing reviews about the boys and the concert, saying that it was one of the best concerts that he had ever attended.

“I understand why they are so loved. They do have substance, deeper than just being pretty…”

Shawn also covered Jimin’s “Serendipity” song, lending his powerful voice to the Korean lyrics – and it was awesome!

Watch the video below courtesy of Chilli Crab.

Undoubtedly, he became an ARMY after the concert.

Meanwhile, Khalid was seen singing along with “Idol”, while Nick Jonas was jamming with “Boy with Luv”.

There were writers, vloggers (DKDKTV, Def Bro, Rosan-xCeleste, and many more), and some non-ARMYs too, who simply wanted to witness, firsthand, what the hype was all about. Obviously, they wanted to satiate their curiosity of why the Bangtan Boys are so loved.

And they were blown away! Watch one of these reactions/impressions by Def Bro.

The passionate ARMY, around 60K of them, sang along – IN KOREAN! And gave the Total Performers a thunderous applause after each performance.

There were showbiz personalities from different countries, as well, who preferred to be incognito, just to watch the grandiose performance of the septet.

Most importantly, ARMYs are the best celebrities present in the concert because as the legendary boys said:

“ARMY, you are the light of our nights!”

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