Watch this Video Created by a Newbie Just for BTS’ Jungkook’s Birthday

I have never created a video before, and it’s my first time to do so, all because of the birthday of BTS” Jungkook, the Golden Maknae.

My skills are very limited but I wanted to do something I could dedicate to the Euphoria, who has lighted up many lives around the world – JEON JUNGKOOK.

Jungkook’s birthday is special to ARMY and to the legendary boys themselves; thus the world celebrated this momentous day with Jungkook.

ARMY around the globe have donated to charitable institutions and have sponsored programs that made this world a better place to live in.

Here’s the video I painstakingly made, as I attempted to use downloaders but encountered problems. So, I used Microsoft PowerPoint, converted it into a video, and that was what I downloaded on YouTube. It’s a crude method, I know, but it’s what I – with my limited technical skills – was able to do.

I know this won’t be the first time I will create videos for BTS and for Jungkook’s birthday. I will keep improving my skills until I can create that perfect video for the phenomenal septet, the most famous band in the world – BTS.

If you have any suggestions on how I can go about creating videos easily, kindly leave your comment below. Thanks.

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