The Inspiring Story of BTS: Rise from Nobodies to Legends

Are you familiar with BTS? Have you heard about them? If you haven’t, you must be an Alien. Whether you know this kpop group or not, I’d like to tell you about them because they are an interesting group of young men, who by sheer passion made themselves legends of the music world.

I’d like to start from the beginning. How they came to be; what made them decide to join the band; their struggles; their pains; their joys; their dreams; their future plans; and what made them stick through all these challenges.

BTS is one of the celebrated and crowd-drawer bands in K-pop history, and the first Korean band to land into the American market with 3 number one hit albums on Billboard 200 in less than a year – a status reached by only one band – The Beatles.

This all-boy band has 7 members: Jungkook, RM, Jimin, V, Jin, Suga, and J-Hope. They were just the usual teenage boys finding their niche in a fast-paced music industry. They have a common dream then – to become a pop star.

South Korean Boy Band BTS: Image credit: BigHit Entertainment

How Were the Band Members of BTS Selected?  

Of course, like any other upstart, they went through audition before they were signed up. The more intriguing thing to know, is how they got discovered. Each has a unique and interesting story to tell. I’d say, there was divine intervention.

How J-Hope got selected

Before BTS, J-Hope or Jung-Hoseok was a dance member of the “Neuron” a local dance crew in Gwangju, Korea while taking dance classes at Gwangju Music Academy.

His passion for dancing won him various local dance contests, including being number 1 in a national competition in 2008. His interest expanded to singing that led him to audition as an idol trainee. In 2012, he was featured in Jo Kwon’s song “Animal” as a rapper.

He auditioned for JYP Entertainment but got cut in the end, giving way for an audition with Big Hit Entertainment. His dance and rap skills and in-depth perception of rhythm, landed him a full-time trainee status. J-Hope decided to stay with Big Hit Entertainment and became one of BTS’s three rappers, alongside Suga and RM; and the rest is history.


How RM got selected

RM’s passion for rap escalated in 6th grade when he heard “Fly” of Epik High.  From then on, he nurtured his love for rap until he took the Runch Randa name in 2007 as he became more active in the underground while he was in mid school.

He joined the “Daenamhyup,” group that included members like KIDOH (Top Dogg);  Iron (Show Me the Money 3), and Supreme Boi (Big Hit Entertainment producer) that gained him more fans.

In an invitation for audition by an underground hip-hop agency, because of his immense talent on rapping, he was spotted by untouchable’s sleepy, who was then a judge at the audition.

The story is that, after RM was endorsed by sleepy to Bang Shi Hyuk, a producer, he found himself an audition at Big Hit Entertainment.

He landed himself the first spot as a member of the BTS in 2010.

How Suga got selected

Suga’s interest in rap was triggered by Stony Skunk’s “Reggae Muffin” when he was in grade school. At age 13 he began writing and arranging music while rapping as well. He became an underground rapper as “Gloss”

He produced tracks for Daegu artists like band D-Town and famous artists such as “Who Am I” of Reflow and the “518-062”, a song in the commemoration of the Gwangju Uprising.

He auditioned with Big Hit entertainment through a flyer for the “Hit It” rap competition of the company. He landed second but Big Hit signed him up as trainee and producer. It wasn’t his plan to become a rapper but later on joined as the band’s main rapper in 2010.

How Jimin got selected

Jimin was the last to join BTS. Prior to that, even at a young age, he showed interest in dancing. He enrolled in the Dance Department was an A-1 student. It was also during that time where his prowess in dancing was discovered by a teacher, who had encouraged him to audition with Big Hit Entertainment at Busan.

When he passed the audition successfully, he was brought to Seoul as a trainee and debuted in 2013. He is one of the band’s vocalists and dancer.

How Jin got Selected

A Big Hit Entertainment scout saw Jin getting off the bus, and because of his handsome features, he had convinced him to audition. He auditioned for acting since his ambition was to become an actor.

Jin didn’t have any background on dancing or singing, however, Big Hit saw his potential to become an idol, and made him a trainee on singing and dancing. So, he is now one of the main vocals of the band, together with Jungkook, Jimin and V.

Jin, was the 4th to come in. His dream was to become an actor, thus he rejected the offer of SM Entertainment, a K-pop agency while he was attending Konkuk University to be an actor.

How Kim Tae-hyung got discovered

Even at an early age, V wanted to be a singer, so he began saxophone lessons up to middle school. In Daegu, V accompanied a friend to an audition with Big Hit Entertainment and ended auditioning on the insistence of the company.

His on-the-spot audition earned him a spot as the only person from Daegu that day to move to the next around. He became a trainee and is now one of the vocalists of BTS.

How Jungkook got Selected

In his younger years, Jungkook’s dream was to become a badminton player, but everything changed when he saw G-Dragon perform “Heartbreaker” on television. This influenced him to become a singer.

He auditioned for the Superstar K talent show but didn’t make it. Even then, he was offered castings from seven different entertainment companies that included FNC Entertainment and Starship Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.

He finally decided to work with BigHit Entertainment because he wanted to work with RM, whom he admired as a rapper.

The Traits and Personal Information of Each BTS Member

Jung Ho-Seok or J-Hope


J-Hope of BTS: Image credit: BigHit Entertainment

Childhood Life and Family

Jung Ho-seok or J-Hope was born in Gwangju, South Korea on February 18, 1994. He lived and grew up in Gwangju with his parents and Jung Da Won, an older sister by four years.

He weighs 59 kgs and stands at 177 cm. and an Aquarius.

Name: (Jung Ho-Seok)

Official Website:

Facebook page URL:

Twitter ID: @BTS_twt

Instagram ID: @bts.bighitofficial

Personal Traits

J-Hope is known to friends and acquaintances as an optimistic, outgoing and happy person. According to the people he works with, he is exceptionally professional at work with good ethics, polite, generous and humble.

He has immense energy according to a staff member and an amazing sense of humor. His fans dubbed him as “Sunshine”, “a very emotional at times” and shows it. Just an honest person to the bone.

Net Worth

J-Hope’s Net Worth is around $12 million derived from his BTS shows.


 He joined Bangtan Boys in 2010 and became a member of the band in 2013. In 2015 he made his first single entitled “1 verse”.

He is the 5th Korean artist to chart on Billboard 200 after G-Dragon, Boa, Jonghyun and Taeyang. He is also the highest ranking k-pop on the Billboard 200. The song he sang together with Becky G. topped the Billboard digital Songs chart.

Achievements and Awards

He was a multi awarded dancer for winning several dance competition and first place in the 2008 national dance competition. He was 3rd in the Emerging Artist chart, 91st of the week and 97th on the Artist 100 Chart.


Kim Nam-joon or RM

Kim Namjoon of BTS, Image credit: Bighit Entertainment

Personal Information and Traits

 Childhood Life and Family

 Kim Nam-joon was born on September 12, 1994 at Dongjak-gu, but grew up in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. He likes to call himself RM (Rap Monster), lifted from the lyrics of a song he wrote. In 2017, RM thought it’s time to give another meaning to RM – “Real Me”.

Of course, we all know that RM is a rapper, a producer, and a songwriter. He learned English at a young age by watching the American Sitcom “Friends” with his mother.

He got his education from Apgujeong High School, enrolled in electronic engineering at Global Cyber University. Because of his exposure to different cultures, he is a fluent English speaker.

Personal Traits

He is described as “an amazing leader” because he allows his team to decide for themselves but show them how to go about it. He takes responsibility for his errors and admits them.

He is said to be smart with an IQ of 148. A diligent worker and doesn’t stop enhancing his skills as a rapper and dancer. He’s described by a fan as intelligent and having a good sense of humor.

He likes photography, cycling, walking and mountain climbing. He was christened by his team mates as “Leader Mon”, “the destroyer or God of Destruction”. This is because he is the team’s leader and has the tendency to destroy things he gets his hands on.

Personal Information

 Zodiac sign: Virgo

Height: 181 cm (5’11”)

Weight: 74 kg (162 lbs)

Net Worth: $8 million


color: purple, pink and black

Items: books, clothes and computers

RM hasn’t been dating anyone. He doesn’t have time to date.


  • He started in 2008 with “Zico”, and later with ‘Daenamhyup’
  • In 2013 he joined BTS or the Bangtan Boys and wrote lyrics of several tracks
  • He worked with other Korean and foreign artists and produce videos and singles from 2014 to 2016
  • He represented the youth during ‘Hot Brain: Problematic Men’, a talk show as part of a five-member panel that discussed social issues affecting the youth of today.
  • He’s a favorite endorser of numerous products


Min Yoon-gi or Suga or Agust D

Suga of BTS: Image credit: BigHit Entertainment

Personal Information and Traits

Childhood Life and Family

Suga was born on March 9, 1993 in Daegu, South Korea. He has an older brother whose name was kept from the public till today. Even his parents’ information was not made available.

Facebook page URL:

Official Website: http:/

Twitter URL: @bts_twt

Instagram ID: @bts_yoongi/

Education: Suga has attended Global Cyber University with Broadcasting Performing Art as his major.

Net Worth

His estimated net worth is $8.3million from his artist work.

Other Information:

Subject in School: Computer

Personality: Self-Assured

Fashion: Dark colored clothes
Food: Meat

Music: R&B, Hip Hop
BTS song: “Dark & Wild”
Color: White
Film: “Inception”
Role Model: Lil Wayne
Hobby: Making jokes, Taking photos, and writing songs
Perfume: Jo Malone’s  “Blackberry and Bay”


Park Ji-min or simply Jimin

Park Jimin of BTS: Image credit: BigHit Entertainment

Childhood Life and Family

Jimin was born on October 13, 1995 at Geumjeong District, Busan, South Korea. He has a younger brother named Park Jihyun born in 1997. whose name is not revealed to the public.

His father own the “Alice’s Table” Café in Busan.

Personal Information

Zodiac sign: Libra

Height: 173.6cm (5’8.3″)

Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs)

Favorites and likes

Color: black and blue

Number: 3

Food: duck, pork, fruit, chicken, and kimchi jjigae.

Weather: He prefers a cool and sunny weather
He loves wearing earphones while listening to music.


Comic books reading

Getting on his phone for hours

relaxing and hanging out with friends.


He attended school at Busan’s Hodong Elementary School and Yonsan Middle School. He enrolled in contemporary dance at Busan High School of Arts. He finished his secondary education in 2014. Currently he is attending Global Cyber University.


Jimin released his “No More Dream” as his debut single in 2013. His solo tracks serendipity and Lie were released in 2017 and 2016 respectively.  The song “Lie” was full of emotions while serendipity was more of the erotic side.

He also sang “Christmas day” and “We Don’t Talk Anymore” with Jungkook in 2017.


Kim Seok-Jin or Jin

Kim Seokjin of BTS: Image credit: BigHit Entertainment

Childhood Life and Family

Kim Seok-jin was born in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea on December 4, 1992. He has an older brother whom he kept from public eye. Neither was there information about his parents but they are proud of what Jin has achieved.

Personal Information

Name: Kim Seok Jin
Twitter ID: @BTS_twt
Facebook page URL:
Instagram ID: @bts.bighitofficial

Official Website:

Personal Traits

Jin is kind, funny (dad jokes), loving, caring, talented. He is idealistic with a great sense of humor and amazingly generous.


Jin studied art and acting at the Department of Film, Konkuk University. Finished his course in 2017.


Kim Tae-hyung or V

Kim Taehyung of BTS: Image credit: BigHit Entertainment

Childhood Life and Family

Kim Tae-hyung was born in Daegu, South Korea on December 30, 1995 but grew up in Geochang County, He is the eldest in a brood of three.

Personal information

Name: Kim Tae Hyung

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)

Height: 179 cm (5’10″)


Color:  grey.

Number:  10.
Items are: big dolls, his computer, clothes, accessories, shoes, and anything unique.

favorite artist is Eric Bannet


V is playful and sweet according to ARMYs. Coming from a fan, V is ambitious, artistic, creative, and affectionate. He is charismatic and can easily attract people; He is sociable with his fans and is industrious.  He is diligent and hardworking; He is full with happiness, Upbeat- He is always very cheerful and has a positive attitude towards life.


He graduated in 2014 from Korean Arts High School and enrolled in Global Cyber University.


He co-wrote and produced the song “Hold Me Tight”.

His second solo song, “Singularity” was released in 2018 as the trailer for BTS’ then upcoming third LP, Love Yourself: Tear.

Achievement and Awards

Best OST in 2017

Best Idol Actor, 2018


Jeon Jung-kook or Jungkook

Jeon Jungkook of BTS: Image credit: BigHit Entertainment

Childhood Life and Family

Jeon Jung-kook was born in Busan, South Korea on September 1, 1997. He has both parents and an older brother.


Jungkook graduated from Seoul Performing Art high school (SOPA), in February 2017


Too Cool 4 Skool was his debut single. He did two solo tracks, “Euphoria and “Begin”, a story of young boy moving to Seoul to advance his career and the gratitude he felt for all the help extended to him during that time.

In 2015, he was part of the “one dream, one Korea” campaign released in 2015  in memory of the Korean War.

In 2016, he was cast in Flower Crew and appeared in Celebrity Romance.

In 2018, he performed “We Don’t Talk Anymore” with Charlie Puth, the original singer.

Personal Traits

Jungkook, according to a fan is shy, but funny when he likes it. According to Suga, Jungkook has a good memory. RM describes Jungkook as individualistic. RM also called him the “Golden Makane” because he is good at anything he does. He can sing well, dance gracefully, rap superbly, play all types of sports and win; be it in archery, wrestling, or the relay race.

He has the voice and face of an angel.

Jimin describes him as kind, someone who can’t express well his feelings. He is also innocent in so many ways.

Personal Information

Age : 21 years old

Position : Lead Dancer, Main Vocalist, Center, and Sub Rapper,

Height : 178 cm

Weight : 70 kg

Religion : Christian

Zodiac : Virgo

Hobby : Drawing, soccer and games


Color: White, Red and black

Food: anything with flour, bread, sea eel, pork soup rice, pizza and sashimi

Number: 1

Achievements and Awards

  • 1 Best Worldwide K-Pop Artist and No. 1 Best Worldwide ace member


  • Most Searched Idol on Google
  • Most Tweeted Artist on Twitter
  • And several more record breaking achievements that make him a legend for a person of his age.

    Remarkable stories during their trainee days

    • Suga’s Exam

    Back then, these guys didn’t have much but this didn’t prevent them from caring for each other. They planned on surprising Suga who was about to take his Suneung exam.  Jihoon and Namjoon prepared the lunch. They all wrote encouraging letters for Suga as a support


    • Another Sad story during their trainee days

    They each suffered during the years that they were on training. When they remember those years they tear up. What made it more difficult was saying goodbye to their co-trainees after assessments and others had to leave.



    How they debuted

    BTS was formed through auditions by Bit Hit Entertainment in 2010 and 2011, which was finalized in 2012. BTS made their musical debut in 2013 with their single Album “No more Dream”. Which you may know to have been truly accepted by the public that time


    Story of how BTS started to rise to fame

    Any new band starts from scratch and so did the BTS. They weren’t famous the moment they debuted in 2013 with their “No More Dream”. It only got them some attention. They came back with N.O but failed to get more attention and they dubbed it “failure”.


    In 2014 with “Boy in Luv”, it was quite a hit. This was the first time they got some spotlight and rose to the level where more idol fans remember their name but to some extent.

    Their next comeback, Danger (also 2014), turned out to be much worse than their previous performances. Fortunately, they had a sudden rise in popularity in 2015 with I NEED U and Dope.  Here, they got their first win in a Korean music show.

    Their popularity yet again increased with RUN in the same year. They became truly famous with their comeback, Fire, in 2016, where they became one of the most famous idols in Korea. It was another major hit, that landed them some Billboard spotlight.

    Then BTS was featured in the American Music Awards in 2017 and the popular Ellen DeGeneres Show. They described LA scene “like the Beatles were here”. They were then tagged “The Most Popular Band.”

    Soon, that fame extended to South America, and according to the New York Times Magazine and in Chile. The 2017 concert performance in Chile sold 12,500 tickets in just two hours. The Ticket sales surpassed $2 million.

    The screams at the Chile concert from the audience reached 127 decibels, an ear destructive noise level that may result to loss of hearing. Chile has expressed their love the legendary boys.

    “Fake Love,” has racked up 90 million views on YouTube since it was published May 18 and the number is still growing.

    The group’s meteoric rise to fame didn’t come overnight, you’ll notice their struggle before and after debut in 2013 up to 2016 until they got their spot in the international music industry and caught the world’s attention.


    Awards and Honors they have received

    BTS is a multi-awarded boy band. To date, they have received 252 awards since their debut in 2013.They were also recognized by the Government of Korea:

    BTS received 3 Awards from the Government of Korea on different occasions, such as:

    • The Prime minister’s commendation award. Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Commendation given in October 27, 2016


    • Presidential Commendation. Highest ranked K-Pop Album in 2017


    • 2018 Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit


    Listed down a the BTS numerous awards since they started in 2013 up to this writing. I’m sure this list will grow even longer, but for now, here are the achievements and awards of BTS.


    Year Awards Body Awards Title
    Gaon Charts (V Chart Awards) Rookie Award
    Shorty Awards Rookie of the Year Award
    Sports Seoul (Seoul Music Awards) Best New Artist Award
    Viacom International Media Networks (MTV Europe Music Awards) Best Korean Act Award
    Gaon Chart ((V Chart Awards) Best New Artist
    Gaon Chart (Gaon Chart Music Awards) World Rookie Award
    Golden Disc Award Disc Bonsang
    Japan Gold Disc Award 3 Best New Artist
    New Artist of the Year
    Melon Music Awards Best Dance I need you
    Viacom International Media Networks (MTV Europe Music) Best Korean Act
    Soompi Awards Best outfit
    Best Choreography
    Best Artist
    Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Awards
    CJE&M (Mnet Asian Music Awards) Best Dance Performance Blood Sweat & Tears
    Artist of the Year
    Golden Disc Awards Disc Daesang
    Billboard Music Awards Top Social Artist
    BreakTudo Awards Best Fandom
    Best International Group
    Gaon Chart (Gaon Chart Music Awards) Album of the Year
    V Live Global Popularity Award
    Golden Disc Awards Disc Bonsang
    Global K-Pop Award
    Recording Industry Association of Japan (Japan Gold Disc Awards) Best 3 Albums (Asia)
    Korean Broadcasters Association (Korean Broadcasting Awards) Artist Award
    Meus Prêmios Nick Awards The International Show of the Year
    CJE&M (Mnet Asian Music Awards) Best Asian Style in Hongkong
    Artist of the Year
    Best Music Video
    Nickelodeon Mexico Kid Choice Awards Favorite International Grp
    Seoul Music Awards by Sports Seoul Bonsang Awards
    Shorty Awards Best in Music
    Soribada Best K-Music Awards Hallyu Star
    Spotify Awards Choice International Artist
    Gaon Chart (V Chart Awards) Global Artist Top 10
    Best Stage Performance
    Gaon Chart (V Chart Awards) The Most Hearted Star of Vietnam
    Teen Choice Awards Choice Fandom
    Choice International Artist
    Soribada Best K-Music Awards World Social Artist Award
    Daesang Award
    Bonsang Award
    Soompi Awards Album of the Year Fire
    Artist of the Year You Never Walk alone
    Best Choreography DNA
    Fuse Video of the Year DNA
    Song of the Year
    Best Collaboration of the Year
    Sports Seoul (Seoul Music Awards) Artist of the Year
    Bonsang Award
    Radio Disney (Radio Disney Music Awards) Best Music Group
    Best Song that Makes You Smile DNA
    Fiercest Fans
    Nickelodeon Mexico Kids’ Choice Awards Best Fandom
    Favorite International Artist or Group
    MTV Video Music Awards Japan Best Group Video-International
    MTV Millennial Awards Brazil Explosion K-Pop
    Fandom of the Year
    Viacom International Media Networks (MTV Europe Music Awards) Big Fans
    Best Group
    CJE&M (Mnet Asian Music Awards) Album of the year Love yourself: Tear
    Artist of the Year
    Best Asian Style
    Favorite Dance Artist
    Favorite Music Video
    Best Music Video
    Mwave Global Fan’s Choice Fake Love
    Worldwide Icon of the year
    Meus Prêmios Nick Best Fandom
    Melon Music Awards Top 10 Artist
    Netizen Popularity Award
    Kakao Hot Star Award
    Global Artist
    Best Rap/ Hip Hop song Fake Love
    Artist of the Year
    Album of the year Love yourself
    iHeartRadio Music Awards Best Army
    Best Boy Band
    iHeartRadio MMVAs Fan Fave Duo or Group
    Golden Disc Awards Disc Daesang Love yourself
    Disc Bonsang Love yourself
    Digital Bonsang Spring Day
    Genie Music (Genie Music Awards) Artist of the Year
    Album of the Year (digital) Love Yourself
    Best Dance Performance
    Best Music Video
    Best Fandom
    Best Group
    Best Style
    Genie Music Popularity Award
    Idol Champ Global Popularity Award
    Gaon Chart (Gaon Chart Music Awards) Album of the Year (1st Quarter)
    Album of the Year (4th Quarter)
    E! People’s Choice Award Grp of the Year
    Music Video of the Year Idol
    Social Celebrity of the Year
    Song of the year
    BreakTudo Awards Best Fandom
    Best International Group
    Favorite K-Pop Group
    K-Pop Male Group
    Billboard Music Awards by BillBoard Top Social Artists
    American Music Awards Favorite Social Artist
    American Music Awards Favorite Social Artist
    Tour of the Year
    Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian Popular Korean Artist
    Billboard Music Awards Duo Top Group
    Top Social Artist
    BraVo Music Award Grp of the Year
    Bravo Otto Best Group/Duo
    Edaily Culture Award Concerts Category
    Grand Prize
    Music Fact Awards Artists of the year
    Best Album
    Idol Live Popularity Award
    Daesang Award
    Gaffa-Prisen Best International Band
    Gaon Chart (Gaon Chart Music Awards) Album of the Year – 2nd quarter

    Album of the year –

    K-Pop Contribution Award
    Genie Music (Genie Music Awards) Genie Popularity Award
    Global Popularity Award
    The Male Group
    Top Artist
    Top Video
    Golden Disc Awards Popularity Award
    Most Popular K-Pop Star
    Global Live Best Artist Award
    Disc Bonsang Love Yourself
    Disc Daesang Love Yourself
    Digital Bonsang Fake Love
    iHeartRadio Music Awards Best Fan Army
    Japan Gold Disc Award Asia Best 3 Albums youth
    Best Music Video Recording
    Asia Album of the Year
    Korea First Brand Awards Male Idol
    Korea Wave Expo Hallyu Culture Grand Prize
    Melon Music Awards Album of the Year Map of the Soul: Persona
    Best Dance Male Boy with love
    Netizens Favorite Artist
    Record of the year
    Artist of the Year
    Song of the Year Fake Love
    Kakao Hot Star Award
    Meus Prêmios Nick Favorite International Artist
    Favorite International Hit
    Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Album of the Year
    Best Music Video
    Best Dance Performance
    Worldwide Fan Choice
    Artist of the Year
    Best Male Group
    Song of the Year
    Worldwide Icon of the Year
    MTV Europe Music Awards Best Live
    Best Group
    MTV Millennial Awards Explosion K-Pop
    Fandom of the Year
    MTV Video Music Awards Japan Best Buzz Award
    Myx Music Awards Favorite International Video
    Nickelodeon Mexico Kid Choice Awards Favorite International Artist
    Radio Disney (Radio Disney Music Awards) Global Phenom Award
    Seoul Music Awards Album of  the Year Love yourself: Fear
    Artist of the Year
    Bonsang of the Year
    Soompi Awards Music Video of the Year Fake Love
    Best Web Series Burn the Stage
    Artist of the Year
    Album of the Year Love yourself
    Best male Group
    Best Collaboration Waste it on me
    Soribada Best K-Music Awards Popularity Award Male
    Daesang Award-Artist of the Year
    Teen Choice Awards Choice Summer Tour
    Choice Fandom
    Choice Collaboration Boy with luv
    Choice International Artist
    Telehit Awards Best Video of the Public Boy with luv
    Best K-Pop of the Year
    Variety’s Hitmakers Group of the Year
    V Live Awards The Most Love Artist
    The Best Artist
    Global Artist Top 12
    Best Channel
    Video of the Year
    Best V Original
    Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Award Map of the Soul: Persona
    Album Daesang
    NME Awards Music Moment of the Year
    Japan Gold Disc Awards Boys 5 Singles
    Best Music Video
    Best Asian Artist
    Song of the Year
    Golden Disc Awards Digital Bonsang Boy with luv
    Digital Daesang Boy with luv
    Disc Daesang Map of the Soul: Persona
    Disc Bonsang Map of the Soul: Persona
    Music Fan’s Choice K-Pop Star Award
    Popularity Award
    Gaon Chart Music Awards Social Hot Star of the Year
    Album of the Year Map of the Soul: Persona
    Song of the Year April
    Retail Album of the Year Map of the Soul: Persona
    The Fact Music Awards Fan N Star Choice Artist Award
    Artist of the Year
    TMA Popularity Award
    Daesang Award
    Listerner’s Choice Award


    How and Why did BTS become famous?

    BTS Festa June 2020: Image credit: BigHit Entertain,emt

    How and why? Well, there are several reasons how and why these group of young men did it.

    1. The personality Traits

    You must agree with me that one of the fundamental ingredients why they are successful is the personality trait of each of them. When put together, it created a perfect mix.

    1. The Music/Message

    They did music that people love to hear and they included something else that other idol pop groups didn’t. These are some of the issues that the youth and even adults suffer from such as elitism, bullying and mental health.

    1. The Fans

    It has an ARMY, this is a group of loyal fans across the world. Their votes catapulted BTS to the  Billboard Award.

    No artist nor band can be successful without fans and BTS gained a captured audience and followers and still growing.

    1. The Performance

    The millions of fans around the world shows the superb level of performance that BTS has shown, otherwise, no one will watch a lousy show.

    It was even compared to the Beatles, an honor for the 7-member band. Their dance steps are extremely fine-tuned to the best. It’s exceptional as evidenced by the numerous awards received by the band over the years.

    1. The Internet

    The internet specifically, the social media played a key role in their success. It brought their music around the world without them having to be physically visit the other 91 countries.


    What makes BTS different from other k-pop groups and other boy bands in the world

    1. Their sincerity

    They are sincere in their actions to fans and to other people. They are sincere about their music. You can notice thier sincerity through their persistent good actions. They sincerly love their fans back, and they sincerely love each member and their music. No other group can beat their heartfelt sincerity.

    They are the same persons on and off the camera with no pretensions. And this sincerity is consistent. You can always expect them to thank their fans, the ARMY, after every award they get.

    1. The relationship

    BTS members truly care for each other (on and off camera), and that’s the most distinct difference of BTS with other pop groups. The reason is top on the list. If you’ve been observant, you’d notice that they do even small things for each other.

    1. International Appeal

    Their network with other artists around the world gave them an international appeal that no other boy-band has ever done. If other bands did, they haven’t truly established a good rapport with their international counterparts which BTS did. This is according to millions of their fans.

    1. BTS used their platform for charity work

    We are not saying that other k-pop groups or band didn’t do this. But BTS’ passion for charity work is tangible. They partnered with UNICEF for their anti-violence efforts.

    They do philanthropic work by donating funds to non-profit organizations.

    1. The Messages

    If you’ve listened to many of their songs, they do not limit their messages to love songs or dating, which are typical with many k-pop groups. BTS went beyond to talk about self-reflection, how bullying shouldn’t be tolerated, and how to love yourself, which are rarely brought out into the open by other singers.

    1. The hardwork

    They take pains to improve their performance and make it better than the last. Jungkook at 14 even went to the US just to learn how to dance. This isn’t to say other groups don’t do that, they do too but BTS dedication is worth recognizing.

    1. The concept

    Their vocals, their looks, the choreography, the set, the aesthetics, these all have been done with superb taste. Every single one is exceptional.


    What are BTS’ vision and mission with their music?

     BTS’ mission is to help the world. How do they plan to do that? Through their music, they want to help the youth manage the pressures, such as depression, constraints in the education system, culture, anxiety, suicide, work ethics, and the gap between the older generation and the youth.

    Yet, the older generations also benefit from their messages of love, self-love, self-reflection, and mental health. Their songs motivates people to go on living their lives and loving who they are, instead of striving to always win.

    What are BTS’ future goals/future activities?

    Each of the 7 members has something in mind for the future.

    Jungkook. His goal is to be healthy and to learn English while growing in terms of music.

    For V, it’s piano lessons and healing.

    Jimin‘s goals for 2020 included losing weight, dance better, stay healthy and to make lots of memories with the team and the ARMY.

    RM’s is to build his physical stamina and to read more.

    J-Hope has a similar goal with Jungkook and Jimin and that is to be healthy. He also indiicated that he wants to take care of his looks as second on the list. He wants to write calmer songs as well.

    Suga aims to continue working out in 2020. He wants to keep trying to learn English and to do that he said he thinks it would be best if he schedules studying in his daily routine.

    Jin aims to live more youthfully. He means to spend more time living the life of a normal youth. He also wants to learn piano.


    BTS indeed carved a niche in the local and international arena of Music. They made their name a household item for all audiences and they made an impact especially on the youth with their inspiring messages. They touched on the taboo sector, the things many other idols wouldn’t dare get involved in, but these are important aspects that have affected the lives of many of our youth today.

    AND YES! Many of our adults today, as well.

    Map of the Soul: 7, their latest album, has earned them new record breaking feats. Each new album continues to bring them to newer heights of achievements and honor.

    BTS engaged itself to campaigns that are rarely given attention by most bands. Indeed, they are a group worth emulating.

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