Invocation for Teachers’ Meetings

Let’s bow our heads and place ourselves in the presence of the Lord.

Dear God, today, we’re gathered here to discuss important agendas for the year.

We’re grateful for all the blessings you have bestowed on us the past years.

This year, we come to you once again, on bended knees to beseech you anew for this year.

Grant us your grace and Divine Wisdom, so we can plan the year ahead according to your will.

Allow us to realize that our students are under our care and that we should guide them towards you.

Enlighten our minds to come up with plans that would be for the benefit of everyone.

We pray for our administrative staff that they embody your words and manage the school with your grace.

May we, as teachers, be good role models to our students.

May our students imbibe the Christian spirit in their lives, while they learn new knowledge and acquire the necessary skills.

May their parents be their lights and havens in their homes with their love and support.

Bless our community that every member would do his best to contribute towards the education of our youth.

May we all realize that through you, we can all triumph and be living examples of your generous love.

We know that without you nothing would be possible. We pray that you would bless our efforts with success.

May we invoke your Divine Spirit to bless our academic community.


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