Prayer for Opening of Classes

We pray for our teachers, parents and students who will be back to school amidst these trying times.

We thank you Lord, for all the protection and blessings you have granted us thus far.

May you continue to guide, guard, and protect our school administrators, so they can devise creative ways to conduct classes without compromising the safety of their faculty, parents, students and all school staff.

We beseech you God, to help us be strong and continue to pursue our educational goals despite all these challenges that beset us.

Grant us the Divine Spirit that we may adopt measures that are truly beneficial to everyone – not only for our school – but to the community as a whole.

May you enlighten our school administrators to choose wisely what’s best for their students and faculty members.

May you grant parents the wisdom to choose wisely what options are best for their children.

All these we ask in your mighty name.


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