Prayer for Classes Online

Lord, online classes may not be the ideal set-up for our classes,

But we thank you for allowing us to be able to learn even amidst this pandemic.

We know that this will not last forever, as your generosity and all-abounding love would help us sail through these rough waves.

May we be able to learn as much as we can despite the setbacks of not being able to communicate in person.

We are certain that through your Divine Spirit, we would be able to learn as much as when we’re physically present.

Please bless our mentors, so that they can devise various beneficial ways to transfer their knowledge.

May you lend them your Divine Wisdom, that they would see YOU in each of us.

May, we, as students learn not only useful knowledge but also about being a messenger of your love and peace.

May the knowledge we learn be put into action. Let our actions speak about the good news of your salvation.

All these we ask, through the mighty name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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