Prayer for Exam Success

Dear Lord, I’m about to take this crucial exam in my life.

Thank you for all the times you have been there for me in my past exams. Thank you for enlightening me and letting me come this far in my goals.

My success in this exam can help me move forward and pursue my dreams, and of serving other people.

With bent knees, I beseech you to send the Holy Spirit, so I can remember all that I have studied.

Grant your wisdom and enlightenment that I can understand the instructions and questions, and answer them correctly.

For questions I don’t know the answer to, grant that I could discern the correct answer through logical deduction.

May you send your Divine love and generosity by allowing me to be healthy in mind and body during this challenging period.

Let me also remember that I should do all this endeavor to serve all people in your name.

May you grant my exam success, so I could serve you more.


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