What You Might Not Know about BTS’ Jin (Kim Seokjin)

Kim Seokjin, simply known as Jin to BTS’ fans, is the eldest among the famous 7. He was born on December 4, 1992 in Gwacheon-si, South Korea.

At 27, Jin hasn’t aged at all in his physical appearance. His handsome face remains to be unblemished that some fans joked he must be some sort of vampire.

He calls himself WWH – Worldwide Handsome, which is a fact; as his face was recognized by science as the face that is symmetrically perfect (proper proportions of facial measurements). This is through the use of the ‘Golden Ratio’ beauty standard.

Jin’s face was officially recognized as the World’s Most Handsome Face through a 2018 poll held by CzDollic doll company;

And also by the Sluis Painting’s Dutch Visual Artists as The World’s Most Perfect Male Face in 2020.

Aside from his handsome face, his physique is perfect as well. He stands at 5’87” and is broad shouldered (58 cm), which is, sometimes, a plus factor for males.

Reportedly, his favorite color is blue, and his favored number is 4. His favorite pets are sugar gliders. He had two of them previously, Odeng and Gukmul. Unfortunately, in 2019, Odeng died due to an accident; he slipped and fell from his cage, which was too high from him to survive. He had a pet dog, Jjanggu, who had passed away as well, in 2018.

In February 22, 2017, Jin graduated from Konkuk University with a degree in Film, Visual Arts and Animation. Together with other BTS members, he later enrolled at the Hanyang Global Cyber University for further studies on a different field.

Jin is known to be the cook of the group. It’s a role that older siblings in Korean families are usually in charge of – to feed the younger ones. So, you can see him often going around feeding each member of the group from one plate. He hosts “Eat Jin Live” which deals with his interest in food and cooking. His favorite food are lobster, chicken and meat.

He is also the ‘Joker’ of the group with his dad jokes and is famous for his hand kisses during performances.

He was scouted by BigHit Entertainment as he was on his way to school. He once admitted that he had no interest or skills on singing and dancing, as he wanted to be an actor. However, his singing and dancing skills have developed tremendously as the legendary boy band continued to hold concerts all over the world.

Even the BTS band members admitted that Jin has improved a lot during the tours. He has now a wide vocal range and a powerful voice that ARMYs admire. His renditions of Awake and Epiphany are leJINdary during concerts that fans can’t help but sing along with him.

His recent solo song, Moon, has currently achieved #1 on iTunes in 87 countries.

He’s also placed at the center of recent dance breaks, which didn’t happen as often as in the early stages of his career as a BTS member.

Jin of BTS is also a helpful and generous soul as the other BTS band members are. He donates monthly to UNICEF Korea since 2018, and is an advocate of various charitable institutions, which he doesn’t publicize himself.

Kim Seok-jin will always remain as the caring hyungnim of the BTS band members. His role in the band is crucial and significant. Without him, there would surely be a void in the septet’s lives.


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