Prayer before Opening of Classes

With trusting hearts, we kneel before you oh God.

We thank you for all the blessings you have given thus far.

Now, classes are opening in some areas in our globe,

May you grant our school administrators and staff members the divine wisdom to decide correctly.

May they consider the safety and security of everyone in the school and in the community.

May they come up with necessary and appropriate measures to implement for the benefit of every one.

We pray that you provide us with your divine mantle of protection that we may know how to keep ourselves safe in school and at home.

Bless our faculty members, administrators, parents, students, and our community so all would cooperate for the benefit of every one.

Guide us in our struggles so we can overcome them triumphantly.

Help us realize that being united in our goals would ensure their success.

Make us realize that without your blessings, we could do nothing.

We pray that you keep us safe and free from harm.

And in cases when we’re amidst the tribulations, let us know that you will be there for us, helping us go through with the sufferings, because all these will pass.

We ask all these, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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