Opening Prayer for Virtual Meetings

Heavenly Father, although we are meeting virtually, we know that you are here in our midst.

We don’t have the benefits of face to face interactions, but with Your Grace, we are certain, this online meeting would be a success and we can accomplish all our planned goals, as well.

We thank you for allowing us to meet in spite of these dire circumstances.

We know this is not possible without your Divine Guidance and permission.

Hence, we dedicate this meeting to you.

We pray that you bless the proponents of this meeting that they can push forward the planned agenda for the benefit of all.

We pray that all plans of action we agree to do during this meeting would be accomplished successfully.

We pray that during our virtual meeting, we will not forget that all our goals should be centered on your teachings of love and peace.

May we see YOU in each one of us, and set our actions to accomplish your Divine Mission.

We pray too that we will remember to achieve these goals in a Christlike manner, putting into consideration the welfare of all people around us.

Allow us to eschew all our selfish aspirations for the sake of the unity and teamwork of our group.

May we spread your Words of Peace and Love to people in the world with our plans and actions.

All these we ask in your Mighty Name.


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