Top 10 BTS Songs of All Time

Before I give you the Top 10 BTS Songs of All Time, I would like to state that all of BTS songs are perfect in their own ways – most especially the messages in them.

This list is a personal choice I made as an ARMY. It is not solely based on number of record sales, ranking in Billboard, or any other chart, or number of awards. My choices were based on the songs that have significantly affected me the most.

These are my personal choices based on what I think are the Best BTS Songs for myself. So, if you do not agree with my choices, you can leave a comment below by recommending your own song, and why you consider it as one of the Top 10 BTS Songs of All Time.

Let’s start off with #10.

Top 10 BTS Songs of All Time

#10. Spine Breaker

I have always loved Spine Breaker. I watched their live performance numerous times that I lost count of it. I consider Spine Breaker as one of the Top 10 BTS song because it is a bop, it is hilarious when our legendary septet performs it on stage. I don’t think there’s an official video for Spine Breaker though.

I enjoy their performance so much; I repeatedly watched the video. AND, take note! They may be clowning on stage, but the song is packed with meaningful lyrics that the youth should listen to.

The song advises young people not to break their parents’ spine by demanding that they provide branded clothes just because almost everyone is wearing them.

Here is an explanation of the lyrics, I cannot delete the ad, so please bear with it. as I cannot find other videos that could explain the Spine Breaker’s lyrics as well as this video.

#9. Epiphany

Although this is a solo song by Kim Seok-jin or Jin, it is still labeled as a BTS song. I consider it one of the Top 10 BTS Songs of All Time because the song is the entirety of BTS’ message to the world.

“I’m the one I should love in this world…”

The lyrics are heartwarming, the melody is exquisite, Jin’s voics is perfect, and the performance is outstanding.
Watch and learn the lyrics of the song below. Remember to click the CC for English translations.

When you hear this song sang with around 60,000 ARMY singing along in a stadium, it will give you goosebumps. Watch the video below.

#8. Mikrokosmos

I included Mikrokosmos in this list of Top 10 BTS Songs of All Time because whenever I hear this song, I think of BTS and ARMY. They exist in a universe all their own; a Mikrokosmos, where each star lights up for the others – just like the relationship of BTS and ARMY.

They are each other’s ‘light’. The relationship is beneficial to both entities, and neither could exist meaningfully without each other.

Watch and learn the lyrics of the song and tell me your thoughts.

#7. Mic Drop

I included Mic Drop because I love the beat, the lyrics and I think it’s the best ‘diss’ song for antis and haters. It’s not truly a diss song but it is a great song for people who look down upon them.

It also showcases the super group’s perfect skills in rapping, singing, and dancing. It is one of the music videos that I would show a non-ARMY, who wants to learn more about BTS.

When performed on stage – live, it is so powerful that it leaves me breathless. How can they sing and dance so perfectly?

Watch BTS’ live performance of Mic Drop.

#6. Life Goes On

I love Life Goes On because it’s a song that had drawn out millions of people from their depression due to Covid-19.

The breezy song holds so much meaning for people who have almost given up.

By the way, it is the first Korean song – EVER – to be on Billboard’s Hot 100 at #1. Although, I said my selection has nothing to with BB rankings, I still want to include it due to its heartwarming lyrics, catchy melody, and due to its phenomenal feat.

Watch and learn the lyrics below. Remember to click the CC for English translations.

#5. Fake Love

This song is important to me because it was one of the songs that caught my attention during my pre-ARMY days. I read in the news that Mexicans were supporting Fake Love because they were celebrating South Korea’s win over Germany in the 2018 Football World Cup. Mexico was given the chance to advance in the game due to this South Korean victory.

I was getting to know them then through my granddaughter, and Fake Love was one of the first BTS’ videos I watched, together with Idol on the American Idol Show. Fake Love was also the first song they performed at the BBMAs.

The lyrics of the song go along with their main message of ‘loving yourself’. The melody was catchy and the choreography was flawless.

Watch their first BBMA live performance of Fake Love.

#4. Idol

BTS’ Idol is another work of art by the legendary boys. The song reinforces BTS’ main message of ‘loving yourself’.

It is one of the songs that has introduced me to BTS.

The choreography is incredible, the lyrics are powerful, the rap, and vocals are all flawless that made the song iconic.

It is also the song that broke Taylor Swift’s record of YouTube’s most watched video in 24 hours.

I love most the portion where they danced all in one line as they crooned “You can’t stop me loving myself, oh, oh…”

#3. No More Dream

No More Dream by BTS has started the super band’s journey in helping people, especially the youth cope with the immense responsibility placed on their shoulders.

I included this song because it’s their debut song that launched their careers. The message of the song was also unlike any other song by K-pop idols during that time in June 13, 2013.

From the start, BTS stayed true to their mission of giving ‘healing’ music to people around the world. No More Dream states that it’s okay not to have grandiose dreams.

The dance choreography was intricately performed, the rapping and vocals were remarkable, and the lyrics were unique.

#2. Dynamite

I love Dynamite because the melody and rhythm are exceptional. What more, Dynamite was composed to console and cheer up people during this Covid-19 pandemic. I don’t think there is any other song in the world with that noble purpose.

And yes, it is the first BTS song that made it to #1 at the Billboard’s Hot 100 for two consecutive weeks, an unimaginable feat that people in the music industry has thought would never be accomplished by an idol group from a small nation like South Korea.

The record of Dynamite on BB Hot 100 is impressive. The Guinness World Records gave BTS and Dynamite multiple world records:

• The Most Viewed YouTube video in 24 hours
• The Most Viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours
• The Most Viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours by a K-pop group
• No. 1 for three weeks (5-12 September and 3 October 2020), and being in the Top 2 for 7 weeks and in the Top 10 for 13 weeks

Dynamite is also the “No 1 on Digital Song Sales Chart for most weeks and the only K-pop track to have spent maximum time on the US Hot 100,” according to a Indian news source.

Dynamite also broke the record for most weeks at No. 1 on Billboard’s Digital Song Sales Chart by spending 18 weeks at #1. A feat never duplicated in the history of Billboard’s Digital Song Sales Chart.

Up to this day, Dynamite is still charting in Billboard’s Global 200, Global 200 excl. U.S., Japan’s Billboard, and many more other charts in the world.

BTS performed Dynamite more than 30 times, but every performance was unique. I felt like I was watching Dynamite again for the first time.

Oh, and by the way, BTS got a GRAMMY nomination for Dynamite in 2021, the first – EVER – for a Boy group from South Korea.

Watch the music video below.

Watch one of BTS’ live performances of Dynamite.

#1. Spring Day

Spring Day is one of the first songs that draw me into the BTS rabbit hole, and I never emerged from that hole since then. I love its melody, lyrics and beat. Also, it is the only BTS song that I have memorized the lyrics by heart.

Most ARMY call Spring Day “The Queen” of BTS’ Songs because up to this day, since its debut, it has never left the Top 100 of the Melon Charts, South Korea’s largest music site.

Spring Day is the Longest Charting Song on Melon’s Weekly Chart. The song spent an unprecedented 4+ years on the chart.

Spring Day’s melody and lyrics are hauntingly beautiful and captivating. The song talks about missing a friend, love loss, and longing.

ARMY interpreted the lyrics as referring to the Sewol Ferry disaster, the worst disaster in post war South Korea that killed 304 people, including 250 high school students.

Even though BTS did not categorically stated that the song is about the Sewol tragedy, many fans interpreted the song that way because there were many background references and images in the music video that depicted the tragedy.

Watch the music video of Spring Day below.

I love and admire the artistry to every BTS song. There’s always something in their songs that pulls you in.

There are three songs that never fails to make me dance. I would like to give them Honorable Mentions.

Honorable Mentions

Airplane pt. 2

I love the beat and rhythm of Airplane pt. 2. It’s like a Mexican-latino beat that I dance to every time I hear it. The boys also bring in their exceptional choreo with the song.

It is a fun song that shows the versatility of BTS.

Below is one of BTS’ live performance of Airplane pt. 2

So What?

So What has the same effect on me. If I were in a BTS concert, I would surely be jumping to the melody and lyrics of the song.

It appears to be a fun song, but it is more than that. You should read the English subs to learn that it is actually an inspirational and motivational song to go on with your life despite the failures.

There is no official music video for so what, so I picked a video that has English subs. Please click the CC for the subs.


I’m sure Bapsae is one of ARMY’s favorite songs. It never fails to draw loud cheers during BTS’ concerts.
The choreo is seamlessly fun, the beat is awesome, and the lyrics is even more admirable.

The boy’s ingenuity shines through this song as they sang about a bird crow tit to state boldly the difference and injustices between social classes in society.

Recently on Twitter, it was cited by Harvard Law Review, a student-run organization in Harvard University. Imagine how the academe even notices the profound lyrics of BTS’ song, enough to cite them in an academic paper as shown below.

Below is one of the live performances of BTS’ Bapsae.

Need I say more?

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