Prayer for Online Classes

Before we start this online class, we would like to thank you Dear Lord for keeping us safe and healthy.

We thank you for granting us another day to learn effectively even if it is an online class, without face-to-face interaction.

We know that we can still be together like this in spite of the circumstances because of your all-abounding love and generosity.

May you bestow upon our teacher your divine wisdom, so that he/she can transmit the knowledge he/she has competently.

May our mentor also recognize you in each one of us.

Bless us too that we can learn and imbibe vital knowledge that would make this world a better place to live on.

Make us realize that learning is a good way to spread your message of Love and Peace.

May we spread what we learn in a way that benefits all people.

We ask all these in your mighty name.


2 thoughts on “Prayer for Online Classes”

    • Sure, you can. But don’t publish it online under your name. If you want to use it online, don’t use the whole prayer, publish a portion and point a link to this website for the rest of the prayer. However, you can print and use the entire prayer offline. God bless.


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