Dengue Mosquito Months are Here Again: Tips on What to Do

MANILA, Philippines – With the summer months quickly passing by, the dengue mosquito months would soon be here again. Being a third world country, the Philippines is one of the poor countries that has high incidences of dengue cases.

Dengue is transmitted via the bite of an Aedes aegypti mosquito. These species of mosquitoes reside and breed in clean, stagnant water.  Another type is the non- dengue mosquito, the Culex, which are now reportedly swarming over some areas of Metro Manila.

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The dengue mosquito thrives in clean water while the Culex in dirty water, so health authorities are advising people to get rid of all types of water in their surroundings. Those who have to store clean water should cover them properly so as not to provide good breeding areas for the dengue mosquito,

Users of anti-mosquito repellents should be aware that using them in very young children may not be advisable because of the neurotoxicity that they may cause. Using them very often is not also advisable because of some reports of seizures. Users should choose as much as possible, natural mosquito repellents. The label should be read thoroughly before commencing usage.

To sum it up, here are pointers that people could follow:

  • Maintain clean surroundings
  • Get rid of dirty or clean stagnant water around you
  • If you store water, cover them properly
  • Fumigate your area, if needed
  • Keep away repellents or anti-mosquito substances from children
  • Take a bathe regularly
  • Get rid of old tires, unnecessary plants, pots that could hide mosquito water-breeding places
  • Use screen doors or mosquito nets in your house, if needed
  • See the doctor immediately if the following symptoms occur:
  1. Fever
  2. Petechiae, rashes or reddening of skin
  3. Flu-like symptoms-cough, cold, headache (especially behind the eyes), fever
  4. Intermittent fever (on and off)
  5. Muscle and joint pains
  6. Any bleeding

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