X Factor Philippines Performance Show, Top 7 Finalists with Songs from the 80s and Judges’ Comments

It’s the Top 7 Finalists performance on the X Factor Philippines, and the show started with Allen Sta. Maria singing “Every Breathe You Take.”

Judge Gary V. commented:

“Small but incredible.”

The rest of the X Factor judges praised her for “reinventing” the song.

Gabriel Maturan performed next with “Forever.

Judge Pilita Corrales was wowed by Gabriel’s performance:

“The quiet achiever.”

Gary V. coined “quite an achiever” from Pilita’s comment and went on to say that the song “Forever” is associated with 2 persons, Martin Nievera and Kenny Loggins.

Gary V. implied that his big ears heard some tones that may have been sung better. He concluded though, on a positive note for Gabriel.

“She owns the song” Charice introduced the next performer, KZ Tandingan. KZ sang “Eternal Flame.”

Pilita’s comment:

“Ang galing ng KZ na iyan,”

Pilita disclosed that this was what fans usually said about KZ.

She added:

“Sayang, dapat ako ang nagmentor sa iyo.”

Gary V. said that KZ has fans all over the world, and they always await her performance.

Charice revealed that she selected the song for KZ because she knew KZ would do something with the song.

The next performer was Jeric Medina with “Careless Whisper.”

Gary V observed that when Jeric closed his eyes his voice came out best.

Charice also praised Jeric, saying it was the best performance. “Careless Whisper” trends at Twitter Philippines, together with XFactorPH80s. Jeric also trends worldwide at Twitter.

Daddy’s Home performed next with “Will You Still Love Me” by Chicago.

Martin Nievera’s comment:

“…singer, blending, you are the tops…that was unbelievable.”

Pilita Corrales’s comment:

“They are really so good, when it comes to that, fantastic…walang flaw, fantastic.”

Charice was all praises:

“Napakagaling talaga…”

Gary V lauded Daddy’s Home.

“There’s so much talent…sobra.”

Kedebon Colim performed next with “Eye of the Tiger.”

Gary’s comment:

“You are such a lovable person.”

Gary went on to say that for Kedebon’s few ‘bashers,” there are a thousand more fans who support him.

Martin greeted Kedebon because, incidentally, it was his birthday too.

Joan Da came next with “Billie Jean.” Joan sang it like a ballad.

Martin lauded her performance:

Gary was equally amazed.

“That was impressive.”

After all of the X Factor Finalists’ performances, voting starts. Voting would continue until tomorrow’s show.

Who would be eliminated tomorrow? Check back for the X Factor Philippines results, September 9, 2012.

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