South Korean, Son Yung Kuk, Wins Pinoy TV’s “You’re My Foreignay” on GMA’s “Eat Bulaga”

MANILA, Philippines – A South Korean has won Pinoy TV’sYou’re My Foreignay” on GMA’s “Eat Bulaga” last Saturday, March 29, 2014.

The lovely Son Yung Kuk has decided to live in the Philippines because she truly loves the country and study wanted to study Tagalog and English.

South Korean, Son Yung Kuk wins "You're My Foreignay"
South Korean, Son Yung Kuk wins “You’re My Foreignay”, Image credit: GMA7

 Son Yung Kuk revealed that she has been staying in the Philippines for almost 6 years now. Her favorite Filipino foods are sinigang, pancit and adobo. She said about Filipinos: “Maganda, masigla, mabait.” (Beautiful, energetic and kind) Earning a score of 97.80%, Son Yung Kuk won P100, 000.00 cash and other prizes in kind.

 Son Yung Kuk could not help but cry when her father greeted her via television from South Korea during the Grand Finals. Her mother and the rest of the family were there to provide moral support.

More and more South Koreans are becoming part of the Filipino community. In Angeles University and other universities nationwide, South Koreans are one of the growing groups of foreign students. Angeles City in Pampanga has a Korean Village near the Clark Free Port where people who would like to enjoy Korean food often go to. Some big businesses are also owned by these friendly people.

South Korea’s pop music (K-pop) and telenovelas are also popular in the country. “Lie to Me“, “Queen Seon Deok“, “Stairway to Heaven“, “Jewel in the Palace” and many more.

South Koreans are amiable and easy to work with, so it is not a surprise that Son Yung Kuk was the crowd’s favorite in the recently concluded Grand Finals of “You’re My Foreignay” on GMA’s “Eat Bulaga” noontime show.

Son Yung Kuk had become an overnight sensation and would surely end up becoming a TV host or an actress in the Philippine entertainment business.

Good luck Son Yung Kuk. Welcome to the Philippines’ ‘exciting’ entertainment industry.

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