RM (Kim Namjoon) as BTS Leader

Kim Namjoon as RM, the leader of the group BTS, is a philosopher who happens to rap and dance. He is only 26 years old but his wisdom is beyond his age.

In a recent interview with KBS’ Let’s BTS! Namjoon was praised by his bandmates, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

They all proclaimed he was a great leader: “You are the best leader – ever,” they chorused.

But Namjoon smiled and enthused: “You made up for my inadequacies, that’s why.”

Such humility and wise words coming from a young man is quite rare nowadays. Most people would smile and acknowledge the accolade as a result of their actions alone.

But not Namjoon.

He firmly stated that the group members had a hand in his being a good leader. He has always been humble and down to earth despite his wealth and fame.

Some of Namjoon’s positive traits as a leader are:

• Ensures that every member is well-accounted for
• Communicates with the company regarding the members’ ideas
• Mediate between members and their company
• Mediates between members’ issues
• Encourages and inspires his members
• Helps members compose their songs
• Ascertains that harmony exists within the group
• Acts as interpreter for the group in international interviews
• Encourages members to speak English

These are only a few of Joonie’s role as a BTS leader.

To ARMY, he is the great philosopher, leader, and inspiration of the fandom. Whenever he speaks, his words are full of wisdom and insight.

He leads by example and lives his life as a beacon of light in the darkness for millions of ARMY around the world. He is the quintessential producer, songwriter, and lyricist of BTS.

ARMY even wanted him to be the president of an independent nation they would call Namkanda.

Flag of Namkanda with BTS RM as President

Here’s one of Namjoon’s most unforgettable speeches at the UN in 2018.

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