Prayer for the Sick


We come to you on bent knees, oh Lord, to pray for the sick. May you give them the physical and spiritual strength to endure the pain and illness. May you bestow upon them the patience of Job and your all-encompassing love That they can look at their sickness not with adversity but with love. … Read more Prayer for the Sick

Closing Prayers for Teacher’s Meetings


Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with a successful meeting. As we leave this room to return to our school work, Grant us the Divine Wisdom to use correctly, All the knowledge gained from this meeting. May we see you in our students and our colleagues and treat them accordingly. Let our collective effort be … Read more Closing Prayers for Teacher’s Meetings

Opening Prayer for Educational Events


Almighty God in heaven, we kneel before your presence. We thank for all the generous blessings you have bestowed upon us. Your omnipresence has served as a beacon light in our dark days. Once more, we come to you to pray for this event. May your Divine Spirit come down on us and give us … Read more Opening Prayer for Educational Events

RM (Kim Namjoon) as BTS Leader


Kim Namjoon as RM, the leader of the group BTS, is a philosopher who happens to rap and dance. He is only 26 years old but his wisdom is beyond his age. In a recent interview with KBS’ Let’s BTS! Namjoon was praised by his bandmates, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. They all … Read more RM (Kim Namjoon) as BTS Leader

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