Top 10 Most Viewed BTS’ YouTube Music Videos

This list includes the Top 10 Most Viewed BTS’ YouTube Music Videos from their debut up to August 28, 2021 are the following. This list does not include other BTS videos, such as RUN BTS, solo songs, BTS in the SOOP, and Bon Voyage episodes.

Newer videos, like Butter, had gained 108.2 million views within 24 hours and broke the record of the Most Viewed YouTube video within 24 hours. This latest achievement shows how, ARMY, the BTS fandom, has grown significantly throughout the years.

Top 10 Most Viewed BTS’ YouTube Music Videos

1. Boy with Luv (feat. Halsey) – 1,335,281,726 views (premiered April 12, 2019)
2. DNA – 1,333,321,549 views (premiered September 18, 2017)
3. Dynamite – 1,222,786,104 views (premiered August 21, 2021)
4. Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) – 1,027,507,103 views (premiered November 24, 2017)
5. Fake Love – 993,057,788 views (premiered May 18, 2018)
6. Idol – 989,613,773 views – (premiered August 24, 2018)
7. Blood Sweat & Tears – 783,252,495 views (premiered October 9, 2016)
8. Fire – 706,894,636 views (premiered May 1, 2016)
9. Dope – 667,319,769 views (premiered June 23, 2015)
10. Save Me – 610,317,022 views (premiered May 15, 2016)

Although, the legendary superstars have been proving time and again their popularity and reach, some Media outlets and antis could not accept this glaring fact.

Nevertheless, BTS continues to rule the music charts all over the world and reigns supreme over their counterparts, proving that the bond between BTS and ARMY is strong and unbreakable.

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If I have missed any videos, you can leave a comment below, so I can add it. Thank you.

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