Is Arnel Pineda Leaving Journey? A Million-Dollar Question

MANILA, Philippines – Is Arnel Pineda leaving Journey? This is a million-dollar question that keeps popping from online searches on this site. The question is not asked frequently but it is being Googled every now and then that there has to be an educated answer to it.


The simplest procedure is to ask directly the lead vocalist himself, Arnel Pineda, but since the rock superstar could be extremely busy to reply to all his direct tweets or individual private messages, it is best to evaluate the scenario.

Arnel Pineda has reassured fans through his tweets that he has no plans of leaving Journey by inviting them to next year’s (2014) Live Tours.


He has also disclosed during his past interviews that he would stay with Journey for as long as the band needs him. On the other hand, Ross Valory has stated too in a separate interview that the band would last for as long as Arnel does.

There is also a conspicuous unbreakable bond that exists among Journey’s band members that makes it evident that they (Arnel, Neal, Ross, Jonathan and Deen) would be together ‘forever.’

So, is Arnel Pineda leaving Journey? Based on Arnel Pineda’s latest tweets and the band member’s revelations, the answer is ‘no.” The iconic rock band is still drawing thousands of crowds on tour; Journey is still a hot item in the music industry, and younger fans are now being added to its roster of fans from all over the world.


Rock Superstar Arnel Pineda


Ross Valory also revealed in Journey’s documentary film, ‘Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey” that the rock band’s Live Tours now with Arnel are even more hectic than during Steve Perry’s time.

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