Caleb Johnson Nails “Faithfully” by Journey on American Idol Top 8

Caleb Johnson nailed “Faithfully” by Journey on American Idol Top 8, Wednesday, April 9, 2014.

Caleb Johnson Faithfully
Caleb Johnson Faithfully, Image credit: American Idol

Caleb was the rocker of the group and, although the judges did not give him a standing ovation, Jennifer Lopez admired him for being able to sing one of Journeys songs, and one of the favorite songs of all times.

Incidentally, American Idol’s mentor, Randy Jackson, was a former member of the original Journey rock band with Steve Perry.

Caleb Johnson’s version of the song was brilliant and well-applauded, but the version of Journey’s two lead vocalists, Steve Perry and Arnel Pineda, are, understandably, still the best versions. Perhaps, Caleb could sing another Journey song “Open Arms.”

Who would be eliminated tomorrow? Would Caleb Johnson be the next American Idol? Check back later for updates.

Caleb Johnson sings “Faithfully”

Video credit: AmericanIdol/YouTube

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