ARMY Invented a New Word for BTS to Describe their Unprecedented Success on Billboard Charts

BTS’ fandom known collectively as ARMY (Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth) has invented a new word that thesaurus could add to its data.

The word is “BAK”, which stands for “Billboard All Kill”.

BAK is in reference to the unprecedented achievement of BTS, topping all of the following Billboard Charts – SIMULTANEOUSLY – for the October 3, 2020 week:

• #1 Hot 100
• #1 Billboard Global Excl. U.S.
• #1 Billboard Global 200
• #1 Artist 100
• #1 Top Social 50
• #1 Digital Song Sales
• #1 World Albums
• 7th Most Weeks at #1 on Billboard Artist 100, tying with Billie Eillish and Adele

This is well-demonstrated by Borahae Funds (@BorahaeFunds) tweet:

It’s the first time ever in Billboard’s history that an artist has such phenomenal achievement. This demonstrates the power of the fandom with millions of followers worldwide. This number keeps on increasing day by day as more people are exposed to BTS’ music and personalities.

Know why BTS has so much power and why fans love them in this post.

The adage: “Once you Jim-in, you can never Jim-out” is indeed true. Numerous people had opened their hearts and minds to BTS’ music and once they do, there’s no way they won’t love the legendary septet.

Billboard Global Excl. U.S.

BillBoard Global 200

Billboard Hot 100

The incredible influence of BTS among all people regardless of gender, age and ethnicity has never been demonstrated by any artist before. Unless you open your hearts to these 7 good “unicorns”, you would never understand their power.

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