Prayer after Class

Thank you, Lord, for another successful class.

We thank you for our teachers who have shared their time and expertise with us.

We thank you for our classmates who were our partners in this learning sessions.

We are blessed that in spite of the pandemic, we are able to learn and meet one another online.

Thank you for providing a means for us to study through the use of technology.

All of these things are not possible without you.

May you continue blessing us with your Divine Wisdom, so we could continue to learn while healing.

Grant all those who are sick to get well again, and those who are well to stay that way.

Grant that we could be able to continue learning successfully.

May you bless all those who had made this class possible; the admins, the teachers, and everyone who have contributed to the success of our learning process.

We ask all these, in your mighty name.


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