What You Might not Know About BTS’ J-Hope

BTS’ J-Hope is the “Sunshine” of the group. Many ARMYs have J-Hope as their bias wrecker. It’s because Jung Hoseok (Jung Ho-Seok) is a superb performer.

He’s not only a total stage ‘dynamite’ but is also a cheerful personality that keeps the group in a lively mood. His beautiful smile on his handsome face keeps the group and ARMY inspired and happy.

He’s the rapper and main dancer of the group, and he sometimes sings to the delight of fans. Who would ever forget his rendition of “Mama”, which he dedicated to his own mother.

In this song, Hobi recognized the sacrifices of his mother in allowing him to pursue his passion for dancing and being an idol.

He stated that his mother can be proud now, as he has succeeded in the career he has chosen. Watch the video below for this exhilarating performance.

And his smashing duet with rap partner, Suga, of a Japanese song, “Otsukare”. Watch the video below.

He does have a good voice that could be cultivated into being one of the vocalists as well.

Veteran ARMYs would know J-Hope like the back of their hand, but you may still find something interesting about J-Hope in this post.

J-Hope was born in Gwangju, South Korea, on February 18, 1994, so he’s 26 years old now. Fans call him Hobi, Hoseok, Jay, Sunshine, and JH.

He stands 5’10” and has a slim body built, weighing 143 pounds more or less. He went to school at Gwangju High School; and then pursued his studies at the Global Cyber University.

J-Hope’s favorite number is 7. His favorite color is green, and he loves dancing – of course. He also enjoy walking on the beach and holding hands with the person he loves. Everyone knows him as a friendly, joyful, and loving person.

At a young age, J-Hope was popular in his hometown as a street dancer, being a member of the dance team Neuron. He auditioned with JYP but eventually ended with BigHit entertainment.

BTS Festa June 2020: Image credit: BigHit Entertain,emt

He initially left the group before debut but returned after a while. RM was instrumental in letting BHE realize that J-Hope was a vital member of BTS.

He proudly released his first mixtape, “Hope World,” in 2018. His singles “Daydream” and “Chicken Noodle Soup” ranked #1 in the World Charts, with “Airplane,” ranking #5.

J-Hope is a full member of the Korea Music Copyright Association, the major music copyright association in Korea.

Every ARMY knows his introductory statement during public appearances, especially concerts: “I’m your hope, you’re my hope. I’m J-Hope!”

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