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The History of BTS from Unknown to Legends, after Citi Field What’s Next?

BTS is so popular nowadays that many may be wondering who BTS are, and where they came from.

The story of BTS from being unknown singers – asking people on the street to attend their free concert – to the legendary group that they are know is an inspiring and heartwarming one.

Majority of people can relate to the rags to riches story. Who would not warm up to the story of 7 young boys from a small music company in Korea, often looked down on by some of their contemporaries. Their leader, RM, said that people told them they would not succeed.

But look at where they are now, they have created history and became legends.

BTS history

They may be different from other boy bands because they deal sincerely with their fans and knew in their hearts that they were successful because of their fans. They had incredible talents as well; with each member being indispensable and with a talent/s of his own.

Watch these videos and witness how these 7 young members of BTS gradually took the world by storm through their sheer determination and love for music – with the help of their well-organized and powerful ARMY.

From nobodies to legends; video courtesy of xCeleste

History of BTS; video is courtesy of Koreaboo

So, after making history as the first Korean artist to perform at Citifield, New York, what’s next for BTS? Hopefully, they would go to the Grammys, and further make history.

Good luck BTS! Go, forward and fulfill all your dreams.

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