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Here Are Seven Facts About Me:
1. I prefer staying at home and reading a book than go partying.
2. I dislike confrontations and I tolerate something as long as I can.
3. I love cakes and sweets. If I don’t have a dessert after a meal I don’t feel full.
4. My zodiac sign is Libra – the balance . Photo by Soul2Love

5. I love to read and write, but my full time job has little to do with writing.

6. I would rather be in jeans and T-shirt than wearing an evening gown.
7. Blogging is my “relaxer”. I feel inspired and rejuvenated when I’m blogging.

I have 8 blogs and I try to keep them all “functional and running”.

I tag these 7 blogs:
Tasha’s Take, The Big Picture, Happy Family Matters, Humane Blogging Tips, HotMomma, Jenn Was Here, Maiylah”s Snippets

2 thoughts on “7 FACTS ABOUT ME MEME”

  1. Dear jena, it is wonderful, that blogging relaxes you, so we can read a lot of your creative texts. Thank you.

  2. Hi Ray, yes it does because I love to write. Perhaps writing down my thoughts purges myself from/of them. (grins).

    Thanks for the visit.


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