Vicious Online Predators: Protect Yourself

By: Roy dela Cruz

You were sweetly surfing the internet, confident that everything would be just fine. Then all of a sudden, your computer monitor turned blank and no matter what key you press nothing happens. You tried to reboot, only to discover the worse – all the data in your hard disk are gone!

If only you weren’t so stubborn and updated your virus protection the one that your techie friend has been egging you to do for a long time now. Maybe your data are still intact, but now, there’s really nothing you can do… they have been blown to “kingdom come.”

Now, you begun to realize that internet security is a serious concern, because you can never tell when you may stumble upon a website that has a ‘worm’ hidden in it. You should always think safety all the time.

There are lots of anti-virus programs, which you can purchase from the net or from computer stores. Programs that contains updated to give you that extra confidence that you are ready and nothing of the above incident would ever happen to you again. Just always make sure that your program is always updated.

12 thoughts on “Vicious Online Predators: Protect Yourself”

  1. Dear Jen,

    Your advice is invaluable for all of us. We all know but at times tend to ignore owing to our lethargy. We should remind ourselves that prevention is better than cure. Unfortunately, here no cure is available so the maxim gets reworded : Prevention is better than repentance.

    Computer virus is one of the most intelligent programmes developed by programmers. However, it falls in the category of destruction. Human brain is matchless but it displays its strength at both the extremes.

    Our brains will continue to contribute their bits.

    To be precise, let users take a little extra care.

    Keep it up Jen. Such reminders are really helpful.

    Best regards,

    Gopal Shukla

  2. Dati I created viruses for fun. One time na double click ko instead of just dragging it to a different folder. Buti na lang di ko nilagyan ng payload. The lesson is, everybody needs anti-virus–even those who think of themselves (wrongly) as idiot-proof. lol

  3. Online predators are such an ongoing problem in society. Kids deserve better than to live in fear online of who they talk to and where they go.

    Here's a link to an article I think you'll like ( about how kids have to watch out for predators through social media.

    Great article! Keep on writing!

  4. Hi GS,

    Wow, you finally had the time to visit. Thanks. Yes prevention is better than cure. You stated it aptly.

    The human brain indeed is a simple but complex structure but is tenacious and durable of taken cared of properly.

    All the best.

  5. Hi Luke,

    Really you know how to create viruses? he he he…Are we in the same mind wavelength??he he he …welcome to the dark side…lols

  6. Hi Roy and Jen. With the availability of free anti-virus solutions online, there's no reason nowadays not to have your computer protected. Also, important as well is the backing up files of regularly and not opening email attachments that you did not expect to receive in the first place.

  7. Hi Janette,

    You're right, that is what I usually do. But my PC is sooo slow now, I'm wondering if there is a resident virus within. I hope -wala.

    I'm not a computer savvy, so I'm lost with HTMLs and computer lingo, They're all Greek to me.


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