The Weeping Girl : Part 2

The next day the young man seized the young woman’s hand. “I know what you want. You want your beloved parents back again and I have a plan. We will marry. And you will see ….”

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The next day the young man knocked again at the door of the parents of the young woman. The mother opened again and wanted to slam the door immediately, as she recognized the young man from the previous day.

Then the young man said quickly.”Do not worry dear mother, I will marry your daughter, but the custom demands that I give you a replacement, so I bring you a maid, who will serve you, but the maid is veiled and you are not allowed to ever lift the veil, An accident has destroyed the face of the woman so that her sight is so frightening that no one should see her. Moreover, she is silent. Please take the woman with you to make my conscience clear and I can marry your daughter. “

The mother nodded and pulled the young woman into the house. “You can sleep in the room of our daughter.”

Thus, the maid served her and she cared devotedly for the parents. She brushed the hair of the mother, she ironed the shirts of the father and so on. Only she always wore the veil, and sometimes there was heard a soft sobbing under the veil.

Finally, the mother talked with her husband about the maid. “Since she is here, I feel as if we were a family again. Let us adopt the poor thing and to make her our daughter.”

He nodded, “as always, you find the words for the voice of my heart.”

They called the maid and explained her desire, but the maid just shook her head, started a violently sobbing and ran away. The parents ran after her. “We want it, we wish it. We need a daughter.”

Then the maid took the veil from the face and the parents recognized their daughter and all embraced each other.

They forgave each other. “Child forgive ‘us that we met all your wishes.”

“Dear parents forgive that I did not know how you I could give something back to you.”

“And child”, the mother remembered the young man, “Are you married? “

“No, but I love him very much because he showed me how to get my wishes fulfilled on my own, without that he expected anything in return. Now I would like to show him that I love him, without him having to do something. “

So they called the young man and his mother to them. The young daughter took her mother-in-law by the hand. You have been a lifetime alone without love and without a man. That is why you could not love your son, in whose face you always saw the man who had left you. You will appreciate to hear that your son brought my parents and me back together that he is not like the man who has left you. He is like his mother who wishes that loving people live together. “

The mother-in-law was overwhelmed by a great sadness. She draw her son to her heart. “Oh my son every day I wished that your father would come back and I gave you the guilt. I gave you not the love that I had locked in in abundance in my heart all those years because I fell in love unluckily. True love may not expect anything of people. True love needs to be shared every moment. “

Now the son cried a lot and he said, “Oh mother, that my love for you is so big I could not show you, but this woman here let me show my love to her. And I didn’t endure it is that she was separated from her parents because I was so distant from your love, and yet I have learned from you, mother, the we children have to give our parents, have to give out of love, even if we feel not so loved as we wish to. And so this daughter has found through giving the love of her parents back again, although they no longer loved her.”

“Oh,” spoke the parents full of happiness and were crying a lot, “forgive us children that we have expected rewards for all the good we do to you. Sometimes it’s just good that it makes it hard for you to reward us. True Love is probably to let someone go his own way as soon as he can. “

“That’s why the two of you want to go a common way?”

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So the young woman and the young man fell into each other’s arms.

They celebrated their wedding and were happy until the end of all days, although there was much crying at their Wedding Day.

Their children they fulfilled some desire, but not all. And their children fulfilled some of their parents’ desire but not all.

Indeed, because people are different, everything is in flow and nothing returns, except the love in our hearts.


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The blogosphere would not be complete without a philosopher like Ray.

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  1. Ray,
    That was a beautiful story. I hope you’ll have it published. It will be great for all ages from six years old on up. Very inspirational and very redeeming.


  2. Hi Tasha,

    Thanks for the visit. I hope Ray would read your comment and reply.

    It is indeed an interesting story. Happy blogging.

  3. Dear tasha, thank you for your recommendation. I appreciate your advice.

    Thanks jena for your beautiful presentation of the text. You surely had a lot of work…
    Happy Blogging

  4. Hello Ray, I forgot to inform Tasha that this would be your story for the Inspirational Book that I am going to self-publish soon.

    Anyway, thanks for replying and reacting to the comments. All the best.


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