South Korea Eliminates Germany from 2018 FIFA World Cup Championships


South Koreans must be celebrating for their FIFA World Cup 2018 win over previous champions, Germany. The final score 2-0 for the South Koreans was registered on June 27, 2018 in Russia. The Koreans are becoming stronger and stronger in this game as they participate in the Big League of champions. Now, Germany has to … Read more South Korea Eliminates Germany from 2018 FIFA World Cup Championships

Top Travel Summer Destinations for 2015

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable learning events that an individual can experience. You must travel wisely, though, to get the maximum benefit from your adventure. You should choose travel destinations that are unique, safe and worth your money. To help you with this task, here are top travel destinations you can visit this … Read more Top Travel Summer Destinations for 2015

CBCP Announces March 14 as the Deadline for Asian Youth Day Application for South Korea

MANILA, Philippines – The Catholics Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has announced that Friday, March 14, 2014 would be the deadline for Asian Youth Day (AYD) application.

South Korea: “Dong Yi” and “Lie to Me” Speak of Koreans’ Noble Character

MANILA, Philippines – Most Filipinos would welcome the South Koreans with their unique culture and likable personalities. In fact, there are several TV drama series, which made it big with Pinoy fans.

Overall Medal Count London Olympics: China Leads with 13 Golds, U.S. in Second with 9 Golds, Japan in Third with 1 Gold

The overall medal count at the London Olympics, as of July 31, 2012 gives China the lead with 13 golds, 6 silvers and 4 bronzes. The U.S. comes in second with 9 golds, 8 silvers and 6 bronzes. Japan comes in third with 1 gold, 4 silvers, and 8 bronzes.

Lady Gaga Concert Protests: South Korean Concert Admission, 18 and Above Only

Lady Gaga Concert Protests had been raised in South Korea even before the actual concert. Concerned organizations made known that Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” concert would allow admission of persons who are 18 and above only.

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