South Korea Eliminates Germany from 2018 FIFA World Cup Championships

South Koreans must be celebrating for their FIFA World Cup 2018 win over previous champions, Germany. The final score 2-0 for the South Koreans was registered on June 27, 2018 in Russia.

The Koreans are becoming stronger and stronger in this game as they participate in the Big League of champions. Now, Germany has to bow down out of the 2018 World Cup Championships because of their skill. Some may call it a miracle win, but even Germany has to concede defeat against the Korean’s indomitable spirit and brilliant game play.


Kim Young-gwon, Cho Hyun-woo, and Son Heung-Min were the heroes of the moment when they played skillfully for their team in a thrilling game that made Germany lose as early as the group stage (Group F).

Naturally, each player in the South Korean team did their best to win the match. The South Koreans are the first Asians in a World Cup to ever defeat Germany. Also, it was the first victory of the South Koreans against the once formidable team of Germany.

And Mexicans are celebrating with the South Koreans because the loss of Germany qualifies them for the next round. In Mexico City, they went as far as trooping to the Korean Embassy to celebrate with the Korean Ambassador.

The Mexicans have advanced to the Knockout Stage, together with Sweden for Group F, leaving South Korea and Germany behind. Nevertheless, this is another stunning world performance that South Koreans are definitely proud of.

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