Overall Medal Count London Olympics: China Leads with 13 Golds, U.S. in Second with 9 Golds, Japan in Third with 1 Gold

The overall medal count at the London Olympics, as of July 31, 2012 gives China the lead with 13 golds, 6 silvers and 4 bronzes.

The U.S. comes in second with 9 golds, 8 silvers and 6 bronzes. Japan comes in third with 1 gold, 4 silvers, and 8 bronzes.

France comes in next, then South Korea, Italy, Russia, Germany, Australia and Romania.

Other countries, like the Philippines, and other Southeast Asian countries, except Thailand, has yet to win a medal.

Michael Phelps came back strong to win a silver and a gold medal in the remaining swimming events of the London Olympics, after losing to Ryan Lochte in the men’s 400m IM.

To date, Michael Phelps made history as the athlete with the most medals in the Olympics.

For a complete list of the country and the medals won, read it HERE. (List of countries and medals)

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