A New Year’s Prayer

The year has gone by in a flash, and with a prayer in our hearts, we are optimistic that this New Year would be blessed .

With gratitude, we welcome this New Year wholeheartedly, knowing that you will be there-always.

You have never forsaken us during the past years.

You have wiped our tears in our dismal times of sorrow.

You carried us when we could no longer walk and our spirit was broken.

You were amongst us also when we rejoiced in our happiness.

Lord, this New Year, as we welcome it with open hearts, may you lend us your strength and wisdom, so we could become better persons and be living witnesses of your love and generosity.

We are aware that even without us telling you, you know our needs.

We are asking for your blessings, though, because you said that all we do is to ask and we shall receive.

If it is your plan for us, then you would grant our request.

Let your will be done this year for us, Lord, and let all your children on Earth become witnesses to your glory by spreading love and words of good cheer.

All these we ask through your son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

New Year prayer

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