Opening Prayers for Academic Meetings

Dear Father, we offer you this meeting. May you bestow upon us your Divine Wisdom and knowledge so that we would be able to set up our plans according to your will.

Bless everyone present here in this room so that all would contribute significantly to our plans which we set to accomplish this academic year.

Make us aware that we are responsible for our students whom you sent to us to teach. Grant us your enlightenment so that we would remember to treat each student like we would have treated you.

May we resolve our problems successfully too. May we recognize that without you we would never succeed because it is only through you that we can succeed.

Bless us as we leave this meeting and go back to our classrooms. Give us the perseverance, patience and your all-abounding love to spread your word through our daily actions.

Make us a channel of your great plans so we would be instrumental in spreading knowledge while spreading your love.
May you grant our prayers, AMEN.

closing prayer

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