Opening Prayer for Online Meetings

Let’s bow our heads and ask for God’s blessings.

Dear God, as we pray in our own little spaces today,

In this online prayer, allow us to thank you for this new day you have given us.

Thank you for letting us survive another day amidst these trying times and be able to attend this online meeting.

Although, we are not meeting in person, you have blessed us by giving us the opportunity to connect online.

Please bless this meeting that we may come up with goals that are beneficial to everyone.

Remind us that we should prepare all our goals with the purpose of spreading your love and peace.

May we interact sincerely with each other so that we can plan beyond our selfish desires.

Let us put aside all bad intentions and think about ways to make this world a better place to live in.

Bless everyone present here today, and make them ambassadors of your goodwill.

Bless the organizers of this online meeting that they may fulfill all their goals in your name.

Bless all participants that they could feel your presence and enact the plans responsibly as they go back to their own tasks.


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