Unusual New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

New Year’s resolutions are oftentimes the same throughout the world: to stop drinking, to stop smoking, to lose weight, and similar resolutions are common. The goal is to observe that resolution and come out as a better person. It is interesting to be aware also of unusual New Year’s resolutions that people come up with. Here are some of them:


Unusual New Year's Resolutions
Unusual New Year’s Resolutions

1. Be in the Book of Guinness World Records

This is an unusual New Year’s resolution that is attainable as long as you have the diligence and determination to fulfill it. Choose an activity you are passionate about and capitalize on this interest. You may not be a philatelist but you could be the person with the largest stamp collection. You could also be the person who could eat the most hamburgers, or the person who was first in inventing a handy cola maker.
2. Learn to do body contortions

This is a trick that not everyone can do. Being able to do it would mean you are unusual. You may want to learn from an expert though. This is a dangerous activity if you do not learn the proper methods.
3. Be able to eat exotic dishes

Different palates from all over the world differ as to food preferences. If this you one of your New Year’s resolution, then you may want to learn first about the cultures and practices of other countries. In the Philippines, frogs, crickets, and bugs are delicacies. In China, dog’s testicles are an exotic dish.
4. Be one of the first passengers to the moon

This New Year’s resolution may be too surreal but who knows? This form of transport may seem impossible at present, but who knows what would happen in the future? We have jet planes and cell phones now that was impossible to imagine in the past. This resolution would have to be renewed yearly until its fruition.
5. Experience being a high ranking official for one day

This is an unusual New Year’s resolution that is worth pursuing. If you were given that chance, what would you fulfill in that position for only one day? It would surely be a fun and fruitful event. You could choose being the president of the most powerful nation in the world- America.
These are New Year’s resolutions that are unusual and thrilling to fulfill. You would be lucky if you can fulfill some of them, and resolve to create another list next year. It is always challenging to be different from the rest.

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