Watch Lucky Contestant Gets to Slow Dance with Jennifer Lopez after Getting a Golden Ticket for Hollywood on American Idol 2015

Michael Simeon has slow danced with Jennifer Lopez after he auditioned and got a Golden Ticket for Hollywood on American Idol 2015.

Jennifer dances with contestant
American Idol Judges, Image credit: American Idol

Michael Simeon, 20, a farmer from Mississippi nailed “Stay with Me” by Sam Smith and got the nods from the three judges, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr.

While Keith Urban strummed the guitar and sang second voice, Harry Connick Jr. played the piano to the tune of “Stay with Me.”

Jennifer and Michael slow danced with the lovely American Idol judge, resting her head on Michael’s shoulder. Michael, previously wanted to slow dance the formal way with a respectable distance, but Jennifer hugged him close with her arms around him.

That’s the most fun I’ve got in months,

” Jennifer Lopez enthused.

I’m a little bit jealous,

”Harry can’t help but express his emotions.

You can do that next time,

” Keith consoled Harry.

Jennifer Lopez and the other judges are awesome for giving in to the request of Michael.

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