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BTS’ Map of the Soul: 7 is Breaking Records already: Know Who Sang the Songs

BTS’ Map of the Soul: 7 is breaking records already. BTS is the first artist to debut on TikTok, and a few minutes after its debut of the MOTS7, TikTok crashed because of the deluge of users. Some of them were only on the app because of BTS.

The album, Map of the Soul:7 will be dropping at 6 pm KST and Twitter and YouTube are obviously ready for the expected massive turn-out of users.

Even William Shatner asked the question:

“So has the new BTS album dropped? Is Twitter about to shut down?”

Enthusiastic ARMYs answered the question for him. One of his followers commented that he was not familiar because of his age, and ARMYs reacted to that tweet too.

shatner reply
Shatner replies

Really, ARMY!

The trailer of NO was so good that fans are swooning over it, and accepted the challenge. Here are some BTS’ “NO” challenges.

Here’s one from WWE fighter, @WWWENoWayJose

Reportedly, there are millions on TikTok who have accepted the challenge of BTS’ On
For some of the songs, here are the singers and BTS subunits:

• Friends – V & Jimin
• Inner Child – V
• Filter – Jimin
• My Time – Jungkook
• UGH! – Rap Unit
• Zero O’Clock – Vocal Unit
• Moon – Jin
• Respect – RM & SUGA

When BTS’ new album drops at 6pm KST, the whole world will be alit once more – literally – lighting up as Twitter records digitally the BTS phenomenon occurring once again, as they break new records in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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